roosevelt roughriders lacrosse


Required Equipment to Play HS Lacrosse

The required team gear is as follows:

1. Helmet: Our team helmet is a Cascade S (or R) Athletic Gold helmet with a black facemask, green chin, green visor decals, and RHS lax decals on the sides and back.

The link below can be used to order team helmets, but only when the store is open.



Roosevelt Cascade R Helmet

Example RHS Lax helmet - this is an older helmet, but the colors are still the same.


2. Lacrosse Stick: A complete lacrosse stick includes a shaft, head, and mesh. The shaft, head, and mesh you get depends on position and player preference - there are many to choose from. If you need help picking a stick or stringing a head, players and coaches will be happy to help!

3. Shoulder Pads - players should choose shoulder pads that are both comfortable and protective. This will depend on player preference.

4. Neutral or team colored lacrosse gloves - this means gloves must be a neutral color (white, black, grey) or team colors (green and gold). No other colors are allowed. Failure to comply with this rule may result in ineligbility to play in games. 

5. Arm Pads - various sizes and styles are available, and usually depend on player position and preference.

6. Mouth guard - should be a visible color (not clear). Many players prefer a mouthguard with a tether that attaches to the facemask.

7. Cleats - lacrosse, football, and soccer cleats all work. Again, this depends on player preference. 

8. Athletic cup - this is required for all players.

For goalies:

1. Goalie stick, including shaft, special goalie head, and mesh. 

2. Throat protector - this plastic attachment attaches to the bottom of the helmet to protect the goalie's throat. 

3. Chest protector - goalies wear special chest protectors, that are larger and more padded than standard player chest protectors.

4. Padded athletic cup/supporter - many goalies prefer a larger, more padded athletic cup and supporter.


Need help sizing lacrosse equipment? Here is a helpful guideline to get you started:

Any questions about equipment should be directed to Katie Becker, team equipment manager, at .