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G4 Frequently Asked Questions

Your child has been playing LYSC soccer perhaps now for 8 seasons (4 years) in U6 and U8 (now G2).  And now, between early registrations, evaluation nights and uniform purchases, it may seem like a whole new soccer league.  What do parents need to know when their child is moving up to G4 (Formerly U10)? 


Here are some common answers to common questions you may have. 


Q:  Why is registration required so early?  I used to be able to register right before the season


A:  G4 begins “Travel Team” soccer with LYSC.  G4 and above leagues all participate in the Essex

County Youth Soccer Association (ECYSA) and LYSC must abide by the dates, deadlines, rules,

regulations and fees of this league.   ECYSA is comprised of 31 towns throughout the North of

Boston region.  ECYSA is subject to the rules by Massachusetts Youth Soccer, which in turn adopts

their rules from US Youth Soccer.  ECYSA requires registrations early so that they may begin the

team league structure, schedule, and referee assignments etc over the summer.  There are fines

levied by ECYSA for missing deadlines or making significant changes after deadlines.  By the time

the Fall season is around, LYSC and ECYSA has already had months of preparation. 


Q:  What are evaluation nights used for?

A:  Evaluation nights for LYSC Travel Teams are used so that the league may get an independent

look at kids as they apply to play and get slotted for teams.  Beginning in G4, kids may play on

teams where LYSC needs to understand the relative skill level of players so that team composition

can be completed.    Coaches also provide input for the ability of the kids on their rosters.  The

Board of Directors use these inputs, along with ECYSA rules on roster size limits, group team

limitations and other considerations, to produce teams for each season. 


Q:  What types of teams are there in G4?   

A:  ECYSA has created two models of play for G4.  G4 is a “Development League” and ECYSA has

created a model where they have attempted to accommodate different models for different towns. 

Type 1 is “Regional” teams where groups of players of mixed ability play similar teams in towns that

are geographically close to them.  Type 2 is “Select” teams where players at a higher skill level

compete against similar teams throughout the ECYSA region.  Towns choose to do either, both, one

or none of these models.  Participation in the Select program impacts the Regional program since a

child cannot obviously play in both leagues.  As such, LYSC evaluates each Fall the potential of

participating in the G4 Select league.  Generally speaking, first year players to G4 (3rd graders) ar

assigned to Regional teams. 


Q:  Do kids play with friends? 

A:  LYSC cannot accept placement requests for any Travel Team including G4.  However, if

enrollment allows, LYSC does have a preference assigning teams based on grade.  This generally

means that 3rd graders will be playing with predominantly 3rd graders (4th with 4th , etc).  While LYSC

does try to follow this rule, it is not an ECYSA rule.  Ultimately the quantity of players available and

the limits on roster size have a significant role in how many teams can be created.  Second to that,

the relative skill level, grade level and type of team will define the composition of teams.      


Q:  What are the practices like for G4? 

A:  Teams typically have 2 practices during the week. One is held with professional coaches from the

Aztecs, focused on foot skills. The second practice is a coaches practice at a time and day TBD. All practices are at Jordan Park. 



Q:  What are the games like for G4? 

A:  Games in G4 are played with 7 per side including a goalie and are played on a “small-sided”

field.  LYSC G4 Teams play 8 games per season. 4 away games with in Essex County and  then 4  home games

are played at Jordan Park on Saturdays in the Fall and Spring.  Teams play 2-25 minute halves with a size 4 ball.  

There is an assigned referee and FIFA rules are followed with a few exceptions involving offsides, penalty

kicks and other small details. Parents are responsible for transportation to all home and away games.


Q:  What postseason opportunities are available in G4?

A:  There is no postseason play for any G4 team in any town within ECYSA.  As a Developmental

League, G4 scores are not posted and standings are not kept.  The purpose of this is to allow kids to

develop core skills and capabilities while kids and coaches are not pressured to win games at all



Q:  What Indoor or Tournament opportunities are available for G4 teams?

A:  Coaches can take their teams (or players from other teams) to indoor soccer sessions or to G4

Tournaments.  LYSC generally reserves spots for teams for winter play in Danvers Indoor Soccer

which generally begins in November.  Fall tournaments for G4 teams generally can occur for Labor

Day and Veterans Day.   Spring Tournaments generally are around Memorial Day.  ECYSA

organizes a special Free “Friendship Tournament” for all G4 teams each June after the spring

season.  Details can be found at .  A list of official tournaments can

be seen at  Coaches are responsible for gathering fees, submitting required paperwork and scheduling for all Indoor and Tournament activities. 


Q:  When are teams changed?

A:  Similar to G2, teams are assembled for the Fall season with the expectation that they will remain

as structured for the Spring season.  This can change with significant changes to enrollments.   The

process repeats again each fall as some kids move up an age level, some new enrollments are

added and some kids decide to not play.  After G4, G6 (Formerly U12) play 9v9 soccer and G8

(Formerly U14) play 11x11 soccer which means that roster sizes also expand.  Generally speaking,

LYSC attempts to place similarly skilled players together for G6 and G8 teams while still considering

factors such as grade and ECYSA limits on roster sizes. 


Q:  What about Club Soccer?

A:  Club Soccer is an option that many parents choose to participate in for continued development

for their child.  Fees and commitment vary between different clubs as do requirements for travel to

different towns (and sometimes states).  Generally speaking, Club Soccer games are played on

Sundays and practices are during the week and are variable.  Many kids do play Club Soccer while

also participating in LYSC.  Some kids play Club only.  Ultimately this is a decision that parents need

to make depending on their available budget, available time and their child’s interest in the sport. 

LYSC does not in any way recommend, suggest or advocate for any individual Club Soccer program

or share evaluation information with any private club. 


Q:  What are the goals of LYSC? 

A:  LYSC’s mission statement is as follows:   “The Lynnfield Youth Soccer Club is a non-profit

organization that provides inclusive soccer programs for children of all skill levels. Our goal

is to teach and develop age appropriate soccer skills in a fun, competitive and supportive

environment. As part of this, we strive to promote the self-confidence and social

development of all of our players, and model good sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork

for players, coaches, and parents. We will provide and administer an organized structure with

the best equipment and playing facilities possible within our means, encourage and support

training for our volunteer coaches, and make decisions which are in the best interests of the