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New to Lacrosse?  - What to Expect

CYA Lacrosse participates in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL).  We compete against programs throughout the Northern Virginia area, and follow NVYLL rules.  Our players range from pre-school through 8th grade, and each age group is comprised of kids from a 2 year gap (ie. 5th/6th graders).

Lacrosse has a saying that it is “One Sport, Two Games”.  The boys and girls games have much in common, but are clearly significantly different.  Boys play with helmets and pads, and their game is characterized by power and contact.  Girls need much less equipment, have different sticks, and it is more of a finesse and speed game.  Both games are extremely exciting to play.

At our younger age groups, we will have Modified games with fewer players on a smaller field to allow for more touches and opportunities for the players.  As the players age-up they have the opportunity to play on a full-size field where boys play 10v10, and girls play 12v12 on a football sized field.  For the boys, no body checking is allowed until 12U, and even then there are rules to promote a safe sport.

Although the skills required to play lacrosse can initially appear intimidating to some, with proper instruction and a little practice kids tend progress very quickly in their development.  Many skills they learn from other sports translate very well to the lacrosse field.  We have tons of soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, and football players pick up the sport very easily. 

In order to provide for an appropriate level of competition and maximize the amount of fun for the players, NVYLL has established three team levels at each age group – A, B, and C.  An A-team will typically be comprised of more experienced players, and B and C teams are made up of progressively newer players.  It is not uncommon for a player to move up in levels after just one season.

We will have assessments at the beginning of the season to place kids on an appropriate level team.  These assessments are required if a player would like to be placed on an A-level team.  However, they are strongly encouraged for all players as it provides additional opportunities for the players to practice and have fun.

Equipment –

                Boys are required to have a Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads, Gloves, Mouthguard, an Athletic Cup, and a Stick.  Cleats are recommended.  If you do not own equipment CYA will rent equipment for the season, except for the Mouthguard, Cup, and Stick.

                Girls are required to have Goggles, Mouthguard, and a Stick (Please note that a girls’ stick is significantly different than a boys stick with a much more shallow pocket).  Cleats are also recommended.

                The uniform is provided by CYA and included in the registration costs.

Practices –

                A-level teams will typically have practice 3 days a week, and a game on the weekend.  Boys typically play games on Saturdays, Girls typically play on Sundays (Most girls games typically will be after noon).

                B and C-level teams will typically have 2 practices each week, and a game on the weekend. 

                CYA practices at various locations in the area including Chantilly High School, Arrowhead Park, Poplar Tree Park, Poplar Tree Elementary School, Greenbriar Park, Navy Elementary, and Rachel Carson Middle School.  Practice days, locations, and times will be dependent upon field availability from the county and the coaches’ schedule.

Games –

                NVYLL will play 8 games starting in late March.  We will conclude the season for the older age groups with an NVYLL tournament towards the end of May.

Lacrosse is traditionally a spring sport, and although there are clinics and other opportunities to participate in lacrosse throughout the year, the NVYLL rec league only participates in the spring.  Many opportunities to participate in lacrosse throughout the rest of the year will require at least one season of rec lacrosse to be eligible.

Registration for the spring season begins on or around December 1st, with our assessments at the end of January/early February.  Practices begin late February/early March depending upon the weather.  You can register at www.chantillyyouth.org.

Please note that NVYLL requires each regional club program to only accept kids from the local public school pyramids.  CYA Lacrosse can accept players that are zoned to attend Chantilly HS, Fairfax HS, Oakton HS, and Westfield HS.  If a player previously participated with another club we would need to have a waiver accepted by the prior club to move to CYA.

Little Lady Laxers and our Boys 6U programs are one practice a week throughout the season.  These are a great way to introduce 4 and 5 year olds to the sport.  Practices are traditionally on Sunday. 

Fall Clinics - In the fall, CYA Lacrosse will hold weekend clinics to introduce new players to the sport and allow experienced players the opportunity to continue to improve their skills - and have FUN!  We attempt to schedule the sessions so players can still participate in other fall sports teams.  Because the players are not on an official team, this is also a great way to be introduced to the sport since you don't have to worry about letting your team down if you have a conflict that arises.  

Our middle schoolers are able to participate in a fall game-only league if they have played at least one full season in the spring.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by reaching out to our CYA Lacrosse Coordinators at our CYA Board tab on the left.


Boys –  Pete Scipione

Girls –  Aly Lehman