Meeting called to order by Amy 7:12 p.m..

1.      Discussion regarding Fall Ball:

a.       Coaches for each group

                                                              i.      Chris and Jason want to coach 3/4; Rich and Cory want to coach 5/6; Lenny and John want to coach 7/8

                                                            ii.      Figuring approx. $3,450 for two tournaments; 45 kids would be $76.

                                                          iii.      $400; 7/8 only

1.      Haymaker, Gladiator, Falling Leaves

b.      Practices

                                                              i.      Tentatively set for Tues/Thurs.

                                                            ii.      Start at 6 p.m. based on sunset. Time can move earlier as we lose daylight.

c.       Cost

                                                              i.      7/8 $125 since they will play in three tournaments

                                                            ii.      3/4 and 5/6 will be $100

                                                          iii.      New players will have to pay for uniforms (see John Deutsch) and pay the US LAX fee ($50).

d.      Rosters

                                                              i.      5/6 Roster will be maintained at 30 and split to 15 / 15 once over 30.

                                                            ii.      3/4 Roster will be maintained at 24 and split to 12 / 12 once over 24.

e.       Registration

                                                              i.      Lenny will take care of registrations


2.      Equipment

a.       Amy has med bag

b.      Extra items

                                                              i.      Give each coach an extra set of things

                                                            ii.      Ask if anyone has any extra gear

c.       Frank would like to purchase some items

                                                              i.      6 goalie sticks ($480), 4 new chest protectors ($280), re-string sticks to be turned in, LAX balls (2 boxes – 240 - $160), Shin Guards, mouth guards.  Jason motion $1,250.


3.      Open discussion on positions.


4.      Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.