Youth Lacrosse for Western Prince William County

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Brigade COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Guidelines

Updated: 5/16/2021



  1. Spectators are allowed to attend.
    1. Face coverings are required unless fully vaccinated.
    2. Spectators may not enter field of play or player sideline until the game has ended.
    3. Players and spectators should exit the field as quickly as possible after their game has ended (see arial map below).
  2. Coaches
    1. Face coverings are required unless fully vaccinated.
    2. Are responsible for making sure their team finds their designated warm up area.
    3. Coaches certify that the player does not have a fever above 100.4.
    4. The player is not showing symptoms of Covid-19 or any other symptoms of illness. (e.g. sore throat; shortness of breath/difficulty breathing; fever of 100.4 or higher; chills; headache; sinus congestion; cough persistent and/or productive; joint aches and soreness; vomiting or diarrhea; and/or a rash)
    5. The player has not been exposed to anyone with Covid-19 within the last 14 days.
    6. The player has not received a positive result from a COVID-19 test within the past 14 days.
  3. Teams should enter the field on the right side and report to their designated warm up area until their game begins. Designated warm up areas are between the turf and grass fields. If the grass field is available teams may use it. Exit the field the opposite side you entered. (see arial map below). No post game handshakes between the opposing teams.
  4. If after a game someone tests positive for Covid-19 and was in close proximity to the opposing team please notify