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Connecticut Cup


Each fall and spring season, the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (our state governing body) sponsors single-elimination tournaments for boys and girls teams in the state in each age group from U11 up to U19. (Exception: there is no fall tournament for high school age teams.) A team plays a Connecticut Cup game each week, usually on Saturday, until it is eliminated; the last team standing is the Connecticut Cup champion.


But the reasons that the Club strongly encourages teams to enter the tournament have little to do with ultimately winning or losing the Cup. The main benefits, instead, are:

  • providing more games, and therefore more playing time, to our players each season
  • competing against teams outside of the team’s Southwest District league (new venues, and exposure to the different levels of skill and styles of play around the State)

The Soccer Board strongly encourages team managers, coaches, and parents to make the effort required for players to enjoy the Connecticut Cup experience.


Before the start of each season, Cup entry forms and rules are available on our state association’s website: (Please refer to the website’s Connecticut Cup information only; the companion information regarding State Cup, a separate competition oriented toward Premier teams, does not apply.) After the entry deadline, the same website posts tournament brackets and weekly results.