Alpine / West Menlo Little League has served the families of Menlo Park, Woodside, and Portola Valley for more than a half-century. Our mission is to be an outstanding community organization that creates a culture where kids of all abilities love playing

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Coach Pitch Rules


1. 10 players play in the field each inning.

2. An inning will be over when the last batter in the lineup has hit or the defensive team has earned 3 outs.

3. No new inning should start after 50 minutes of play. New inning starts at last out of last inning.

4. Coaches will pitch to the batter.

5. Batters throwing the bat are automatically out. This rule is administered by the coaches.

6. Two coaches are allowed in the outfield; no parents or cameras on the field.

7. Coaches will handle all Umpiring from their respective positions on the field during play.

8. Catchers must wear mask, throat protector, shin guards and chest protector.

9.  Players, managers, and coaches from each team will meet at home plate after each game to shake hands.

10. The home team will use the third-base dugout.

11. Managers shall notify the respective division director of any problems related to players, or parents.

12. Base distance on non-baseball fields 45 feet.

13. No league standings are to be kept.

14. Please reward defensive play by calling outs; congratulate batter or base runner

on effort, but explain that they are out. This will accomplish numerous items;

teaching the game of baseball, encourages effort when running, gives them a

goal to achieve, and rewards good play. Being on base should be something earned.

15. There is to be no leadoff or stealing by the runners. An advance to the next base can only take place when the ball is hit into fair territory.

16. Defensive coaches are permitted to be on the field in fair territory for instructional

purposes. Coaches are not permitted to touch a live ball, but only to instruct

players. If a ball accidentally touches a coach, the ball shall remain a live ball. If a

coach purposely touches a ball, the ball shall be dead and the runners shall be

allowed to take the base they were attempting to make and shall then be allowed

to take one additional base.

17. Coaches should equalize playing time in the infield and outfield for all players

throughout the season. Players shall be given the opportunity to play a variety of


18. There are no walks.

19. All runners must stay on base until the batter hits the ball.

20. On deck batters must remain in the dugout. No on deck circle is permitted

(National LL rule 1.08) and there must be no practice swings.

21. Team players shall participate in making sure the dugouts, fields and bleachers are free of all trash, and belongings.

22. Overthrows – Kids are allowed to take one extra base on an overthrow.

23. Total Pitches –After 7 pitches, even if some of them are bad throws from a coach, the kid hits off a tee.  No exceptions. 


Protective Equipment

1. Players must wear batting helmets when batting, running the bases.