Alpine / West Menlo Little League has served the families of Menlo Park, Woodside, and Portola Valley for more than a half-century. Our mission is to be an outstanding community organization that creates a culture where kids of all abilities love playing

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T-Ball Rules


  • All players play in the field each inning.  Players shall be given equal opportunities to play infield and outfield positions within each game.
  • All players bat each inning. Each batter or runner that makes an out shall return to their dugout or designated bench area.
  • Games shall be 4 innings in length or 1 hour, whichever is less.  These limits may be modified by mutual agreement of Coaches from both teams.
  • All batters must hit off of a Tee.  There shall be no pitching by players or coaches.  This practice shall be in effect for the entire season.
  • A batted ball must cross the 10-foot arc around home plate to be a fair ball. The bat must come in contact with the ball to be considered fair.
  • There are no strikeouts, but at a coach’s discretion, a player may have a limited number of attempts (minimum of three) to swing the bat independently, after which a coach may assist a player in making contact with the ball.
  • Batters and runners must wear helmets at all times.
  • Catchers must wear helmet/mask and throat protector at all times.
  • On-deck batters must remain in the dugout or designated bench area.  No on-deck circle is permitted (National LL rule 1.08) and there shall be no practice swings.
  • Batters throwing the bat after swinging are automatically out.  This rule can be applied by the coaches of either team at any time.
  • Runners can generally only advance one (1) base per hit ball.  At discretion of coaches, an exceptional hit may allow runners to advance a maximum of two bases.
  • Runners never advance on fielding or throwing errors.
  • There shall be no leads or stealing by runners.  An advance to the next base can occur only when the ball is hit into fair territory.
  • Outs will be called according to typical baseball rules, with appropriate discretion for the beginning level of the players in T-Ball.  In every situation, acknowledge batter or base runner for effort and explain the out.  This will help to teach baseball principles, encourage effort when running, provide a goal to achieve, and reward good play.
  • Up to three coaches are allowed in the field during play to provide instruction and guidance to players.  If a ball accidentally touches a coach, the ball shall remain a live ball.  If a coach intentionally touches a ball, the ball shall be dead and the runners shall be allowed to take the base they were attempting to reach and one additional base.
  • Coaches in the field are not to engage in any use of mobile phones, cameras, or other electronic devices.
  • Coaches of the defensive (fielding) team will handle all umpiring from their positions on the field during play.
  • Coaches of the offensive (batting) team will work with their team’s batters as necessary to instruct players and will attempt to maintain a consistent pace of play.
  • No game score and no league standings will be maintained.
  • Coaches and Players from each team shall meet at home plate after each game to shake hands and offer “good game” acknowledgement to each member of the opposing team.
  • Coaches and Players shall participate in making sure the dugouts, fields and bleachers are free of all trash and belongings.
  • Coaches shall notify the division Commissioner of any problems related to conduct of coaches, players, or parents.