Valley Youth Hockey is a Tier II association based at Onondaga Nation Arena and Meachem Rink in Syracuse, NY.

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2018-2019 VYHA Picture Night Schedule and Order Information


Just a reminder about picture night.  Below is the picture schedule, link for ordering pictures online and picture form to download.

Tuesday November 6th: 

5:15pm - Girls 14U Tier I

5:45pm - '05 Travel 14U

6:00pm - '04 Travel 14U

6:15pm - 8U Red - Smith

6:30pm - 8U White - Perkins

6:45pm - 8U White - Werner

7:00pm - 8U Blue - Platt

7:15pm - 8U Blue - Hooks

Wednesday November 7th

5:00pm - '09 Travel 10U

5:15pm - '08 Travel 10U

5:45pm - '07 Travel 12U

6:00pm - '06 Travel 12U

6:15pm - Snowbelt 10U Blue

6:30pm - Snowbelt 10U Red

7:15pm - Girls 14U Independent

7:30pm - Girls 19U

7:45pm - Girls 16U Tier I

Thursday November 8th
5:00pm - IP/Mini Mite

5:15pm - First Goals

5:30pm- Girls 12U Tier II

5:45pm - Snowbelt 12U Red

6:00 - Snowbelt 12U Blue

6:15pm - 14U Select- Graf

7:00pm - 18U Independent - Kirkby

7:15pm - 15U Split Season

7:30pm - 16U Split Season

7:45pm - 18U Split Season

To order photos/packages: 

- Go to and use passcode: VYHA18.   The site is setup only for ordering packages and individual items, not for viewing pictures.

- Download and print the picture form here and bring to picture night.