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The playing field for 2nd - 5th grade shall be 60 yards long and 40 yards wide, plus end zone 10 yards behind the goal lines, making the total area within the lines 80 yards by 40 yards. The playing field for 6th - 8th grade teams will be the official high school size, marked in accordance with the high school rules.
The 60-yard field will be properly marked and designated at 10-yard intervals and also with 25-yard lines. There shall be inbound marks 40 feet in from each sideline. The 100-yard fields will be marked in accordance with official high school rules. Spectators’ boundary lines should be a minimum of three (3) yards out from the sidelines and designated by ropes, painted lines or burned lines. Colored flags or sideline markers will be used as corner markers, sideline markers will be used every 10 yards on at least one side of the playing field. All side-line and corner markers shall conform to JMFA requirements.
The players box shall be at least three yards deep (if there is not reasonable room to accomplish this the area will determine the depth of the box) and be clearly marked on both sides of the fields. On the 60-yard field the box will extend from the 20-yard lines in. On the 100-yard field the box will extend from the 25-yard lines in.
A clearly marked spectator boundary shall be provided on all fields, it is the responsibility of the Area Field Representative and Team Manager to keep spectators behind the boundary.
The 2nd - 5th grade teams shall have goal posts placed seven (7) yards behind the goal lines. Size and spacing of posts shall be 15 feet apart with the top of the crossbar nine (9) feet above the ground. For 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams, the high school rules apply. All goal post vertical sections must be padded.
If goal posts are not seven (7) yards deep on the playing field and the goal posts are placed at the back of the end zone, then the field will be placed (as is) since the field is the same for both teams. The ball for all extra points will be placed on the 3-yard line. This will be discussed during the pre-game meeting with both coaches and officials.
The host area shall furnish the down box, 10-yard chain and field setup. The home team will furnish the stop clock for 7th and 8th grade teams. The home team will furnish two qualified adults for the down box; the visiting team shall furnish one qualified adult for the down box. Each team will provide the game ball when playing offense. The home team shall furnish down box at neutral fields when notified one week in advance that down box will not be provided since there is no home area.
The home team shall have a choice of sideline. During the playoffs, if there is not a designated home team, the team with the best overall record shall have a choice of sidelines. During the playoffs, if both teams have the same record, choice of sideline shall be determined by coin flip.
There is no tobacco use of any kind allowed on JMFA fields. There is no alcohol use allowed on JMFA fields. Spectators shall remain behind the spectator boundary at all times. Berating or verbally abusing officials, players, coaches or spectators is unacceptable and will result in ejection from the facility and suspension the following week. Refer to the following documents: NFHS Official Rules, JMFA Coaches Code of Ethics, JMFA Parents Code of Ethics.