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Each 2nd - 6th grade team is limited to four (4) playing periods a week, and each 7th and 8th grade team is limited to a maximum of five (5) playing periods per week. A playing period is hereby defined as a practice or a game in which one or more players are engaged in organized instruction or play or practice of play. Each 2nd - 6th grade teams shall have no more than three (3) contact practices, plus one (1) game per week. Each 7th and 8th grade team shall have no more than four (4) contact practices, plus one (1) game per week. A week is defined as Monday through Sunday. No team may practice OR PLAY on Sunday, EXCEPT AS PROVIDED BELOW. Infraction of this rule will result in the head coach being suspended from all JMFA activity for a period of one (1) calendar year. There will be exceptions made to the Sunday rule when a game must be rescheduled due to weather postponement and in the case of playoff or championship rules. EXCEPTIONS TO THE SUNDAY RULE MAY ALSO BE GRANTED IF A TEAM WHO WISHES TO PARTICIPATE IN AN EVENT OBTAINS APPROVAL OF THE JMFA BOARD TO PARTICIPATE IN SUCH EVENT. IN SUCH INSTANCES, EXCEPTIONS TO THE PLAY PERIOD LIMIT RULES MAY ALSO BE GRANTED BY THE JMFA BOARD. During the playoffs and championship weeks teams may have unlimited practice days with a 2-hour practice limit per day Monday through Saturday.
NO TEAM SHALL PRACTICE PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF OFFICIAL PRACTICE. Infraction of this rule will result in the head coach being suspended from all JMFA activity for a period of one (1) calendar year. The first day of official practice shall be designated by the county President. The first week of practice for all players, regardless of date of entry to the JMFA program, shall consist of conditioning and non-contact practice. Non-contact is defined as no physical contact: player to player, player to coach, or player to dummies and/or bags. For the first week of practice players are to wear helmets, cleats, t-shirts, and shorts only, no shoulder pads or leg pads. Contact practice shall begin the second week and follow those procedures as indicated in Section II, Rule 1. A week of practice is defined and must consist of a minimum of three 90-minute sessions. All JMFA players must participate in at least three (3) non-contact practice sessions and at least three (3) contact practices sessions before participating in any game session.
PLAYOFF AND CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULING. Every effort will be made to schedule playoff games on the same field in any grade and division and to schedule the start of those games at or after 11:00 a.m. when and where field availability permits. From time to time, it may be necessary and therefore allowable to schedule games on separate fields and at times earlier than proscribed. Games may be played on Sundays when deemed necessary by the JMFA board. 
The Carnation Bowl shall be scheduled by the JMFA board for the 11th weekend following the 1st scheduled games of the season, with a ‘fall back date’ of the 12th weekend, not to conflict with the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving, when completion of the season is hindered by weather or other unforeseen and uncontrollable factors.
No division, grade, or team shall be given priority treatment in the scheduling of the Carnation Bowl. Games shall begin at 8 am with the youngest teams playing first and processing chronologically through the day. Every effort will be made to schedule the Carnation Bowl in a stadium. In the event that no stadium is available, the JMFA will determine the most appropriate venue to conduct the championship game. The JMFA board shall determine annually the necessity to charge a nominal admission fee to all spectators of the Carnation Bowl.
In years ending in even numbers – the Division I championships shall be played on Saturday and the Division II championships on Sunday. In years ending in odd numbers – the Division I championship shall be played on Sunday and the Division II championships on Saturday. When possible Friday night games will be scheduled and the teams/grade/division scheduled to play on Friday night shall be determined by the JMFA board.