The Super Sixty Collegiate Development Camp mission is to connect players with NCAA coaches and to educate them about the college recruiting process. NCAA field hockey and soccer coaches run all camp practice sessions and games and host daily seminars on

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7/11/20- Please note that the NESCAC's have also extended their dead period, although NESCAC coaches will be allowed to work camp as individuals, and not officially representing their programs during camp. (They may not attend showcases or tournaments to scout players.)


The NCAA has extended their dead period to the end of August.  What this announcement means is that DI coaches may not hold any camps or clinics or attend any camps, tournaments or showcases until at least Aug 31.  It is our understanding that the dead period could also be extended through the fall.

What does this mean for players interested in DI schools who need to connect with coaches this summer? The recruiting timelines for each class are not changing, and this summer is still a critical time for coaches to learn more about players. 

It is clear that DI coaches and players will need to adapt to a new normal. We have spoken with dozens of coaches and all report to us that they will continue to identify and recruit players, using recent game film through this period for evaluation.  ( and video calls to get to know them)  It is uncertain whether fall/winter tournaments will take place, so they recommend players do everything they can to obtain game film this summer if possible. Those who can’t send current game film will be at a disadvantage.

Many of the DI coaches who attend the Super Sixty have been coming for years and there is a level of trust both in the quality of play and in our attention to every detail in support of each camper’s performance. 

  Here are the adjustments we will be making:

  1. Complimentary video filming of all games and selected practices.  D I coaches ( including those who had planned to attend plus all others) will receive these along with rosters and specific schedules.  We will be setting up certain practice drill stations for filming that highlight specific game and individual skills that coaches most wish to evaluate. Every team and player will rotate through these.

      Campers will end up with film of 8-12 games and 4 skills/drills stations.   This film is critically important since coaches need to see where players are with development since they saw them last ( 4-8 months ago).

  1. A seminar will be added instructing campers how to best navigate virtual recruiting over the next months. Coaches want to meet and learn more about you.  You will learn how to be proactive - the what, when and how of things and be given the tools to gain a virtual skill set to interact with coaches.

  1. Our coaching staff will have more D III and D II coaches.  We are reaching out to select programs to add and will update the coaching list this week.   Instruction and seminars will remain of the highest quality and fully informative for all divisions, since many of the coaches have previously worked in D I programs.