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Summer Workout Guide

Work Hard, Play harder!

Go Bees!

The following guide is a recommended fitness program for June through August. It is important to come to preseason mentally and physically prepared. We need to take the time during preseason concentrating on increasing fitness levels, teaching individual skills and team strategy. Being fit, hydrated, eating smart foods and being rested will help prevent injury and promote dedication and commitment for a successful season.


Every workout should include:

  1. A light warm up (5 min jog/walking/stretching)

  2. Cool down

  3. Stick work and ball control

  4. Work out with a friend or teammate

Training Calendar- Due on 8/15 for Varsity/Jv players

-Please use the attached calendars to log your workouts; include activities,# of sets, and times. Try to workout 5-6 days each week, but even on rest days you should do something active... go biking, roller blading, hiking, swimming or for a walk.




  1. Jog for 25 minutes, add 5 minutes each week. You should be able to jog 40 continuous minutes by the start of preseason.
  2. Timed Mile Run - keep track of your times to measure improvement.
  3. 20/40’s - each set is 1 minute - 20 seconds to sprint 100yds, 40 seconds to recover 100yds back to start. Start with 4 sets and add 1 each week.
  4. Shuttle ladder sprints -  5, 10, 15, 20, 25 yds - run each distance in a total of 45 sec with a 45 sec rest and repeat 12 times.
  5. 2 min sprint workout - jog to the 25 and sprint back to start for 2 mins - count your total reps and try to improve next time.
  6. Treadmill work - 30 sec sprints (speed 8.5 or higher), 1:30 min jog (speed 5.5-6.5), 30 sec rest. Continue that pattern for 30-40 minutes.
  7. Cross train or another aerobic exercise for 30-60 minutes (bike, swim, etc.)



  1. Ladders - in-out drill, lateral feet, single leg forward hops, horizantal jumps (there are great videos online that give examples).
  2. 3 sets of 25 sit ups and 15 push ups. Add 5 sit ups and 5 push ups each week.
  3. 3 sets - 20 burpees, 20 jumping jacks, 20 squats, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers, 20 crunches, 20 squats, 20 jumping jacks, 20 burpees.
  4. Jump rope - jump 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds - 5 reps, increase the reps each week.
  5. Bounding with stick in hand
    -Jump and pause: set cones on diagonals about 3 yds apart, jump from cone 1 to 2 landing on your right foot, pause for 2 seconds and push of right foot to cone 3 landing on your left foot, pause for 2 seconds and push off your left foot to cone 4 and so on. Jog back and repeat 6-12 times.
    -No pause: Do the same thing only there is no pause- land and push off immediately. Repeat 6-12 times.
  6. Z-Drill - Make the letter Z in a 5 yd by 5 yd pattern. Start by sprinting to the first cone at full speed -  then make a hard, sharp cut to the next cone, and then again to the last cone. Make sure to stay low and get your body “square” to the direction you are running. (try with backpedaling, side shuffle, or while dribbling as well)
  7. Pro-agility drill - total is 10 yds with the mid line in the middle of the 5 yd mark. Start by straddling the mid line - sprint hard to one side then all the way back to the far side and then finish by sprinting back to the mid line - touch each line as you cross.



Work on your fundamentals! It makes the difference between an okay field hockey player and a great field hockey player.

  1. Pulls/Dodges - Right, left, back, spin, c-dodge, air dribble (controlled), pop dribble. Set up cones and do these a few times a week. With your right/left pulls and c-dodge the pull should be going from 10-2 or 2-10 (like a clock).
  2. Dribbling - Set up cones in a straight line spaced out or in a zig zag pattern. Practice dribbling around the cones going from only the left, the right, both sides and also only left handed and only right handed.
  3. Passing and Receiving - Pushes, Slap hits, Drives, Reverse hits, and Sweeps - When driving keep your chest up, body low, keep your eyes on the ball and don’t pop up while hitting. For reverse hits proper form and staying low is essential. For sweeps stay very low to the ground (bloody knuckles) and snap your wrist. When receiving a ball make sure to let the ball come into your stick so there is less bounce.
  4. Jabs, Block tackles and Reverse tackles - learn to be patient on when to attack using these defensive skills.
  5. Aerials, Air dribble, Chip shot and lifts over sticks - focus on proper technique and height.


*Practicing these skills will make the difference once preseason comes for Varsity/JV between who is dedicated and prepared for season. Working on these skills a little bit each day will shine through during tryouts and season.