Florida Aces Lacrosse Club


June, 6, 2020


At Florida Aces, we are continuing to monitor the latest updates to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.  We are following the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC resources are continually updated as new information arises so please check back regularly. We are also following the US Lacrosse “Return-to-Play” (RTP) Guidelines which can be found here https://www.uslacrosse.org/return-to-play. Due to not having approval to RTP from Palm Beach County, City of Wellington & City of Royal Palm we have decided to take a "wait and see approach". While we would expect to have RTP by late June, early July this is not at all certain. We cannot move forward with any of these plans until Palm Beach County, City of Wellington, or the City of Royal Palm open up fields to allow for organized sports. Thus if you decide you cannot wait we fully understand. There are a few other organizations that are in cities that have allowed them to RTP if you so choose. 

At this point in time, Florida Aces have no concrete plans to play any tournaments as we are unsure if tournaments will even be taking place despite them being advertised per our conversations with tournament directors. In addition, given the limited time frame to get the players into the necessary "game shape" without risking injury, it would not be prudent for us to plan for tournament play. Instead, once we have secured field space we will begin with an adaption phase. Before returning to practice, it’s imperative to conduct, at a minimum, a two-week period of guided athletic skills training as there remains a greater potential for injury when competition is introduced without adequate training. Introduction of a proper dynamic warm-up and drills to acclimate athletes with multi-directional movement and such. The adaptation phase needs to be completed prior to implementing sport-specific lacrosse skills. Our focus will be getting back to practice, as given the layoff more time is needed for conditioning & training in order to be ready to return to competition.

The decision to (RTP) is subject to change based on updates and decisions by federal, state, local, or other public health authorities which will affect our plans. Our uppermost importance is the health and safety of our lacrosse community and family. We will continue to communicate with parents & players any updates and changes pertaining to our plans. The safety and security of the players, coaches, and families always will be our highest priority.