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Eastgate Soccer Association

Board of Directors - Position Duties

                                                      Updated 10/2016



Preside at all Executive, General and Special Meetings of the Association when present.

Direct the activities of the Association.

Act as the deciding vote, in the event of a tie, on board decisions.

Attend Cincinnati Hills board meetings along with District  Representative.

Work with the board of directors to set the calendar for the year by the end of November.

Distribute official signed rosters to coaches.


Vice President:

Assist the President in directing the activities of the Association.

Chair the Disciplinary, Protest and Appeals if they shall arise.

Chair all meetings when the president is absent.

Monitor and assist Field Coordinator, Coach Coordinator, Referee Coordinator and Registrar.



Keep minutes of all executive and general meetings and will e-mail minutes to the committee in a timely manner.

Give notice and supporting documents where required, for all Board meetings.

Responsible for maintaining all Association records.

Oversee the compiling and distribution of the appropriate lists and reports.



Responsible for the Association’s banking and financial transactions,

Responsible for player, property and liability insurance, as well as affiliation fees and records.

Review with the Board of Directors any purchases or variances from the budget.

Provide interim financial statements and reports as directed by the Board.

Work with the auditor in the preparation of an annual financial statement.

Prepare a budget for the upcoming year for presentation to the Board of Directors for approval.


Field Coordinator:

Contact Union Township in January for permission to use Clepper fields for the year.

Responsible for checking the fields and grounds for practice and game readiness

Contact Union Township Service Department for any issues.

Communicate with equipment suppliers and obtain written quotations for any supply/equipment purchases.

Order and receive soccer equipment and Lining supplies.

Maintain inventory.

Assign fields and times for practices.

Determine whether or not to close or open fields due to weather.

Update Eastgate Soccer’s Website “field status” 90 Minutes prior to any game or practice.

Coaching Coordinator:

Responsible for the recruitment, training, supervision and allocation of coaches and assistant coaches.

Keep coaches informed of rules and procedures of the Association.

Implement teaching techniques that will improve training sessions on the field of play

Resolve any issues with respect to coaching concerns.

Sit on the Disciplinary, Protest and Appeals Committee.

Communicate with all Coaches to see which coaches will be returning for the next season.


Registration Coordinator:

Coordinate selection of teams and oversee the assignment of players to equally competitive teams.

Supervise the registration of all players and maintain the Associations’ registration and medical form records.

Work closely with the Treasurer to ensure that all registration receipts are duly noted and accounted for.

Work with the Coaches Coordinator to assign coaches and distribute rosters.

Distribute volunteer information to the appropriate chairpersons.

Work with the Secretary to provide registration information to Cincinnati Hills.

Work with the Uniform Coordinator to order player uniforms after registration data has been gathered.

Work with Website Coordinator to use email and social media to promote registrations for the Association.


Referee Coordinator:

Responsible for the recruitment, training, supervision and allocation of referees.

Represent the Association at the regional referees association.

Keep referees informed of the rules of the Association.

Work with the Treasurer to ensure payment to referees.

Sit on the disciplinary protest and appeals committee.

Work with coaches and Field Coordinator to reschedule any cancelled games.


Dribblers Coordinator:

Work with Registrar to finalize all dribbler’s team rosters.

Ensure all teams have a head coach in place prior to the start of the season.

Work with Registrar to determine the team size and league format ahead of each season (4v4 or 5v5; multiple divisions)

Design an 8-game schedule for Fall and Spring seasons.

Be a point of contact for all Dribblers coaches and parents.

Work with Uniform Coordinator to see that medals are distributed to all coaches prior to the end of the season.


Uniform Coordinator:

Work with Registrar to coordinate the amount of uniforms needed for the season.

Make sure correct uniforms are ordered for each team.

Distribute all uniforms to teams at least one week before start of season.

Deal with incorrect orders or mistakes in a timely fashion.  

Forward all purchase receipts to treasurer.  

Communicate with photographers to schedule dates and times for team pictures.


Website Coordinator:

Manages and maintains the Eastgatesoccer.com Website.

Provide a means to gather information about people who come in contact with the children of the Association.

Follow guidelines provided by SAY under the National Volunteer Screening Program.

Provide required reports to SAY.

Maintain domain registration and DNS records for website.

Work with web hosting provider and other software vendors when technical issues arise.


Communications Coordinator:


Maintain and moderate social presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Lead the organization's email marketing efforts

Work with other board members to plan and execute social media contests/promotions


Volunteer Administratior:

Manages and maintains information for all Association volunteers.

Responsible for making sure that all volunteers are up to date on registration, background checks, and certifications.

Performs volunteer background checks via RiskAware.

Sit on the disciplinary protest and appeals committee.

Contacts SAY to reconcile any volunteer eligibility issues.