We provide a positive, competitive yet inclusive, player oriented atmosphere where players of all ages learn not only the skills and strategies of the game, but the importance of team work, sportsmanship, camaraderie and honor.

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How much does it cost to play Lacrosse?

What do the fees cover?

Do you offer scholarships?

Do you offer discounts?


Gear and Game Play:

What gear do I need?

What are the rules of the game?  How do I find out more information?



Who do I ask if I have a question?  How can I contact the coaches or board members?

How can I keep up with what is going on?  

What do you need from parents and families?


Q:  How much does it cost to play Lacrosse? 

A:  There are a number of things that go into the cost of Lacrosse: 

  • Registration Fees:  Vary from $0 to $500
  • Uniforms/pinnies: Included (we will be hosting a car-wash fundraiser this year)
  • Gear:  Players purchase their own gear.  See GEAR AND EQUIPMENT for more info.  Goalie gear is provided for youth teams. 
  • US Lacrosse Membership:  required, purchased or renewed at registration, $30.00 (youth) $35.00 (HS)
  • Other, miscellaneous fees such as tournaments:  prices vary.
  • Credit card payment fees:  These vary according to payment amount and method.  We pass on only what we are charged for processing electronic payments.


Registration Fees for 2020:


Registration Fees


Registration Fees

Boys 1/2


Girls K/2


Boys 3/4


Girls 3/4


Boys 5/6


Girls 5/6


Boys 7/8


Girls 7/8


Boys HS


Girls HS


*  These fees were eliminated or reduced to encourage younger girls and boys to try out the sport.


Q:  What do the fees cover?

A:  We operate on the belief that registration fees should cover the cost to play, with a few exceptions.  (youngest boys/girls’ teams, where we want to make it easier for these programs to grow).  These fees cover:  Insurance, field use, bathrooms/porta-potties, referees, team equipment, league dues/game fees, coach stipends (where applicable), etc.  For a complete list, contact the director for your program (boys youth, boys HS, or girls).

We also try hard to keep the cost of uniforms as low as possible, while also trying to buy quality.


Q:  Do you offer scholarships?

A:  Our scholarships are provided through Stanwood Spartan Moms. Applications can be found in our documents section. 


Q:  Do you offer discounts?

A:  For those families with more than one player registered with Stanwood Lacrosse, we offer discounts—from 10%-30% of the total registration fee for the family (excluding free players).  If you register more than one family member, then choose the "paybycheck" option, and contact the before payment (you may still pay by debit/credit card later).  


Q:  What gear do I need?  Where can I get the gear?

A:  There is a full list on our website, as well as places to find gear.  Stores that offer Lacrosse gear often have full sets of gear designed for beginners, possibly at a discounted price. Play it Again Sports in Marysville is a favorite among many Stanwood Lacrosse families.


Q:  What are the rules of the game?  How do I find out more information?

There are a lot of sites on the internet with information.  We have a few pages right on our site.  Look to the left menu, and select the area you wish to explore.


Q:  Who do I ask if I have a question?  How can I contact the coaches or board members?

General questions may be directed to the vice president of the respective program by checking out our contact us page or use the general feedback page on our site.  You can also contact any Board member directly.  Coaches' contact information can be found on the individual team pages.


Q:  How can I keep up with what is going on? 

A:  Check back on our site often!  Check out our team pages.  Make sure we have the correct information in your online account with us, and make sure that your coach has your contact information.  You may also check our FACEBOOK page, which links off of our site.  Also, talk with other parents, your team manager, or coach.


Q:  How to I give feedback, praise or even raise a concern?

A:  Talk with your team manager or coach directly.  You may contact us via our website, or individual board members.  Their links are on the website too.  Come to a board meeting!  The schedule is posted on our site under SCHEDULES/Program Calendar at the top of the website.


Q:  What do you need from parents and families?

A:  There are many things you can do to make this a fantastic season! 

  • Be a supportive, positive parent!  Check out the POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE for more information. You can subscribe to their newsletter, and check out their tools for parents.
  • Volunteer.  We always need help with:  taking care of and preparing fields, activities, helping with moving equipment, fundraising, helping with the annual tournament (Stanwood Invitational), and more.  JUST ASK!