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Our work bond is established to encourage families to put in the small amount of time required – it’s critical to the operation of our all-volunteer league.  During the season, most families work in various support roles, and opportunities will be publicized on the website. 
Here’s how it works: (1) you paid your bond for spring registration; (2) from now through October, work your 4 hour shift and next year when you register - you can put down how you completed your bond during the year so that you won't have to pay the bond again during registration.  We keep a master list of who volunteers during the year so we can get registrations once complete.  
You will most likely hear from your spring team manager about Concession work options, but you can also contact , our Auxiliary Manager, to sign up proactively for other options.
Auxiliary Opportunities
Please consider putting in your time now to fulfill your work bond responsibility for the 2018 season.  We are always updating this chart, so check back often...times are approximate, and will change slightly around the event times.  Shifts will all run about 4 hours.  If you are interested in doing admin work either on the website (up to 8 hours work), or computer work, please contact Theresa Santiago at bbsiaux@gmail.com or call cell 917-318-6883. Please contact us so we can schedule when you would like to help.  We appreciate it as we are a 100% volunteer organization and it takes all of us to help run this league.
Shifts Available
Opening Day 2019 Sat April 13th, 2019 8 am to 12  noon
Outside Concessions,Clothing Sales. Parking, Set up
Opening Day Prep 2019 Sat/Sun March/April 2019 TBD
Help hang signs and get field/complex ready for April 13th Opening  Day  
Equipment/Uniform Help 2019
Help sort and give out Equipment for each season - Spring, Summer & Fall and sort and organize uniforms by team for each season - Spring, Summer & Fall 
March Clinics/Evaluations 2019
 Open     Open
Help sign in kids/help coaches with set up, etc. 
Ice Pack/First Aid Kit Coordinator 2019  Varies  Varies    Varies
Help coordinate at least 3-4 individuals who can check First Aid Boxes located at PR Complex and NB Complex to make sure filled with enough ice packs and first aid kids - needs to be checked on at least once a week
Closing Ceremonies 2019  Sat  TBD
12 noon to 4 pm Outside Concessions and Games

Auxiliary Facts and Information
All families, with the exception of those with children in the T-ball or the 16-18 yr old Babe Ruth program without siblings in other leagues, are required to pay a $100 work bond ($150 starting in 2018 for new work bond families) when registering with the league.  Each family is asked to work an estimated 4 hours in Auxiliary service to Bridgewater Baseball/Softball during the year.  If your family obligation has been completed, it will be noted in our system.  On the registration form, please indicate if you have completed your bond and in what capacity, i.e. managing/coaching, sportswear sales, etc.  Each year that your work bond is fulfilled, the work bond fee will carry forward, and will be waived during registration.  Jobs include concessions, tryouts, clinics, sportswear sales, opening day, tournaments, among others.  If this is your last year in our program, you may request a refund by sending a note to our treasurer and/or auxiliary manager.

If you are approved as a Manager or Coach on a team, your auxiliary hours will be fulfilled.  Coaches & Managers are selected by seniority, experience and feedback from league Commissioners and the entire league.  Please note that all members of the league, including Board Members, must fulfill auxiliary time, either through coaching or other responsibilities.  The number of coaches who receive work bond credit varies by season:
# Additional Coaches
Spring Rec 
Summer Rec
Summer Tournament
does not qualify for Rec work bond credit
does not qualify for Rec work bond credit
Fall Ball

If you choose the not to participate in the auxiliary program and fulfill the 4 hour work bond requirement, your $100 or $150 work bond will be forfeited. Any questions about the Auxiliary Program can be directed to Theresa Santiago at bbsiaux@gmail.com. Thank you for supporting our league!
Work Bond Questions & Answers

What is the Work Bond?   A work bond is a bond (check) paid to Bridgewater Baseball/Softball when your child enters the recreational Spring program. That check is deposited but ultimately can be refunded in full when your child has finished playing Rec baseball.   

How much is the work bond? The work bond is $100 ($150 starting in 2018 for new work bond families)

Does everyone pay the work bond? Families with players only in the T-ball or Babe Ruth league are exempt from paying the work bond.  All other Rec players pay the bond. 
Does this cover Tournament players as well?  No, the Tournament program and the Rec program are two completely separate programs. Tournament players pay a separate fee.

How do I satisfy the Work Bond requirements?  You can satisfy the WB by volunteering for one of the following: 
  • Auxiliary Work Force – run by Theresa Santiago at bbsiaux@gmail.com
  • Manager, 1st or 2nd Coach for a Rec team
    • 4 continuous hours in Concessions
    • Working Special events or functions – Opening Day, Closing Day,  Uniforms, Signs, Clinics, etc. 
    • Picture days

What is the purpose of the work bond?  Bridgewater Baseball/Softball is a 100% volunteer organization, including the Board of Directors.  The work bond encourages our families to volunteer and help maintain the Rec program.  Your volunteer work hours help to maintain the level of excellence that we have achieved and maintained for years.

How do I get my work bond refund?  When your child leaves our program, with no plans for returning the following year, you may request a work bond refund after November of that year.  If you have satisfied your work bond requirements, you will be issued a full refund.  If you choose not to work, you forfeit the bond, and those monies are used for equipment, field maintenance and capital improvements.  Either way, the work bond is a critical part of what keeps this program running.  Refund requests are issued in November in preparation for spring registration.