Northern Plains Lacrosse League is the youth and high school lacrosse league for programs in ND and SD.

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Severe Weather Policy

When severe weather arises, we will send an email and text message to teams affected by the weather issues.

Inclement weather may prevent travel to a scheduled game or practice. If bad weather is affecting travel to an event, information will be posted on the home page of the Northern Plains Lacrosse website.  

For games, if lightning is seen or thunder is heard, activities will be postponed for a 30 minute period.  The head coach or league administrator will make this determination. After 30 minutes, the head coach or administrator shall evaluate the weather condition. If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, another 30 minutes of downtime will take place. This scenario will take place for three cycles. After the third cycle of downtime and poor weather conditions continue, more direction will be provided by the head coach or administrator.

Safety is our top priority and decisions made by parents to keep their kids safe are encouraged and the player will not be penalized in any manner.