Girls� hockey program in Rochester, New York, USA and the surrounding Monroe County region

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Equipment Rules

This page is intended to highlight key or updated sections of the hockey rules as they pertain to equipment for youth/girls players. For the complete rules, see the related rules book(s).

Neck & Mouth Guards

USA Hockey requires all youth/girls players are required to wear a colored internal mouthpiece (mouth guard)

GLGHL requires all youth/girls players wear approved neck guards. This supersedes USA Hockey's recommendation in all games.

Enforced Helmet Rule (starting 2013-2014)

USA Hockey has implemented new enforcement of a long standing rule. There has been a rule about proper helmetcertifications included in the USA Hockey Rule Book for a good while, but it has not been effectively enforced. With the release of the 2013-17 Rule Book, USA Hockey has given the officials teeth to enforce the rule.
Rule 304 (c) states that all youth players MUST wear a helmet and face mask with a current HECC certification date. Referees are permitted and encouraged to perform random checks for the appropriate sticker. Players found to be wearing helmets with missing or expired certifications will be sent off the ice until they have a helmet with a valid HECC sticker. If the player returns to the ice without a properly certified helmet after receiving the first warning, they will be issued a game misconduct.
To avoid any unexpected surprises and player disappointment, please check your players helmet to make sure a valid sticker is present before their first game.

Officials to Check Goalkeeper Masks/Cages During Warmups (starting 2016-2017)


This past season, a number of goalkeeper’s helmets have been identified as illegal equipment. The spacing

between bars on the cage on the helmet has made them illegal for use. Please be diligent in checking for this

equipment now for the safety of all.

All HECC certified goalkeeper helmets come with an HECC sticker. However, it is possible to have a goalkeeper

helmet with a NON HECC cage attached which has been purchased that way or changed. This condition makes the

helmet illegal for use in USA Hockey games. For the cage portion, the rule of thumb is if a stick blade can pass

through the bars, the cage is illegal.

If a goalkeeper mask/cage is determined to be illegal, the goalkeeper will be given the opportunity to replace

it. If it cannot be replaced, the goalkeeper will not be allowed to play.