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2021 Arlington Little League All-Stars


As in past years, Arlington Little League (ALL) will run two distinct all-star divisions…


  1. District All-Stars (D4). For the first time, ALL will enter three different District All-Star Tournaments. These tournaments are for a select group of kids whose little league age is either: 8, 9, or 10; 9, 10, or 11; and kids playing in the 50/70 division. We'll have one AL team and one NL team consisting of anywhere between 12-14 players. Their jerseys will read Arlington across the front (how cool is that?!) and we'll play teams from other cities in our district (Alexandria, Falls Church, McLean, Reston, Vienna, Great Falls, etc.). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for kids, but it is a serious commitment. Each team will hold one to two-hour practices (sometimes longer) nearly every day starting as early as May 23rd culminating in a three- to five-game tournament toward the end of the month. Should Arlington win the District Tournament, we would advance to the State Tournament in early July. Honestly, it is the greatest month-long baseball camp you'll ever be able to send your kid to - EVER! Kids who have participated on D4 in the past go through this experience and come out of it infinitely better baseball players. It's a lot of work and a full family commitment, yes. But the kids will have a ton of fun and will remember it forever.
  2. Local All-Stars. Players at the Majors and AAA levels will select the best players on their respective teams to play in the Local All-Star tournament. There is no age limit for Local All-Stars. Both Majors and AAA will field one team from the AL and one team from the NL. We'll hold one game each for Majors and AAA - usually right after the league championship games and before school is over. This is a great opportunity for the best of the best to get together in one dugout and play some really high caliber baseball, make new friends, and have some bragging rights. It is much more low-key than D4, but loads of fun and the kids have an absolute blast.


For more details on the all-star process, please see our brochure.


For more information on these all-star divisions, please click on the links below…


50/70 D4 Intermediate All-Stars – (ages 11 and 12)


9-10-11 D4 All-Stars


8-9-10 D4 All-Stars


Local All-Star Tournament (Majors)


Local All-Star Tournament (AAA)


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