Seacoast Lacrosse Club is an independent, all volunteer, non-profit organization committed to providing a high quality youth Lacrosse program for players aged 6-15 years old, who reside within the Portsmouth High School Administrative Unit (SAU 50 & 52)

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1. I'm having trouble registering my player. What is going wrong?

By way of background, the USA Lacrosse and Seacoast Lacrosse systems are linked and will need to be in literal agreement before registration will work. 
1. USA Lacrosse Membership: 
  • Each player needs to have a player membership. Some buy an adult membership or something besides a player membership for each player. If that’s the case, will have to clear that up with USA Lacrosse first. It often takes a day or two before the two systems reflect updates.

  • Each player’s membership needs to run through / past the season end. The Spring 2022 season will be over by June 30th, so memberships need to be current past that date

  • Each player’s membership should have an accurate profile.  Check dates of birth and name spelling. This membership includes insurance, so getting details right matters

2. Seacoast Lacrosse Registration: 
  • Each player needs a USA Lacrosse member ID to register

  • Each registration group has age eligibility dates. If your player’s grade or date of birth don’t fit the eligibility date ranges, we have a two-step process for that: (1) Send a request to  with a brief paragraph explaining the situation, and (2) register your player in the age group in which they land (fudge the grade if necessary to correspond) and we’ll find the best fit for their enjoyment and development as a player.