Seacoast Lacrosse Club is an independent, all volunteer, non-profit organization committed to providing a high quality youth Lacrosse program for players aged 6-15 years old, who reside within the Portsmouth High School Administrative Unit (SAU 50 & 52)

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Roles and Responsibilities – Please contact the Board if you are interested in volunteering



  • Responsible for overall management of the program
  • Recruits Board Members, Coaches, Managers, Coordinators
  • NHYLA Liaison
  • Webmaster
  • Registrar
  • Oversees Managers and Coordinators


  • Tracks and reports finances
  • Manages and documents budget
  • Writes checks

Board Member

  • Board duties
  • Policy making


  • Experienced coaches preferred but not required
  • Organizes onfield practices/games and leads the team with the PCA rational and strategy
  • Head coaches and assistant coaches at all levels
  • Coordinates with team manager
  • Uses website to communicate scheduling and announcements for players
  • Communicates game notifications and confirmations with other towns and referees
  • Able to participate in US Lacrosse and PCA Certifications

Team Manager

  • Optional role that assists head coach with administrative tasks
  • Coordinates with the head coach
  • Coordinates game times, locations, referee, practices times and locations with players and other coaches
  • Uses website to communicate with the team


Referee Coordinator


  • Coordinates and schedules referees
  • Pays refs
  • Recruits refs
  • Educates coaches

Coaches Coordinator

  • Tracks and promotes Certifications
  • Recruits coaches
  • Creates/maintains Coaches Handbook
  • Responsibilities, Code and conduct
  • Logistics and important contacts
  • Drills
  • Plays
  • Off season play- Indoor/post season
  • Manages Evaluations

Equipment Manager

  • Responsible for purchase, distribution, collection and maintaining Coaches bags
  • Maintenance and management of Goals and nets
  • Order and distribute Paint
  • Order and distribute Balls

Field Manager

  • Permissions and payments for different fields throughout the 5 towns
  • Field layout for lining
  • Coordinates Goals
  • Maintains field lining

Uniform Coordinator

  • Responsible for distribution and collection of uniforms
  • New uniform purchase
  • Collection and redistribution of uniforms

SAYLL U9 Coordinator

  • Girls/boys - Participates the SAYLL meetings
  • Participates in policy making 
  • Reports back to board