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Byron Soccer utilizes a wide variety of referees in any given season. The goal of our referee development program is to help ensure that our referees maintain a uniform standard of quality and that referees who prove themselves to be capable and dedicated are provided with opportunities to excel at the job, both within the Club and, if they are interested, at the district and provincial level.

Our newly launched referee plan includes assessments that will be the main component of the development program. During the season, each referee is assessed a minimum of once, randomly and without prior notice. The assessments are conducted by the head referee, associate head referee, external assessors or, in the case of junior referees, by some of their more experienced Byron Optimist Soccer Club counterparts.

The referee's performance is evaluated against standards set down by the Canadian Soccer Association. Following the game, the assessor communicates both the strengths and weaknesses of the on-field referee's performance. The results of these assessments are used to help determine each referee's future assignments.

We will also begin the process of implementing a formal mentorship program, whereby newer and young referees will be assigned to an individual monthly meeting where they will get direct feedback and assignments in hopes to further their development. 

Our goal is to provide a rewarding experience for our referees, and well-officiated games for all players and teams. If you have any comments about our refereeing program, you may contact our head referee at 


Become a Referee

Becoming a referee is a great way to get more involved in the game of soccer while

learning important skills, making new friends and, of course, earning some money.

Referees are responsible for obtaining their certification on their own, through one of the clinics offered by the OSA. Information about these clinics is may be found on the Ontario Soccer website. Unfortunately, the club will be unable to accept everyone who applies. However, certification through Ontario Soccer does make an individual eligible to serve as a referee anywhere in the province (depending on one's level of certification).


Career Advancement

Opportunities also exist for referees to upgrade their skills to officiate at various competitive levels. Working in concert with the local district and Ontario Soccer, we provide a platform from which referees of all ages can progress through the regional and provincial programs available to them. We encourage all referees to upgrade their skills on a regular basis. Advanced referee training is available through Canadian Soccer programs to qualified applicants.


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