Texas Bay Area Lacrosse

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Start by standing sideways to your target. As you pass the ball, you should step with the opposite foot pointing your toe to where you want the ball to go. You want to place your top hand about midway down the stick so that if you hold it with one hand the butt end touches your elbow. Keep your stick up and your hands out.

When passing the ball, remember the "3 Ps" Point, Push, and Pull. Point the butt end at your target, push with your top hand, pull with your bottom hand. You want to throw overhand. Your bottom hand should touch your elbow if done correctly. The top hand will resemble that of any throwing motion, as if you were throwing a ball. Remember to "snap your wrists" as if you were casting a fishing pole.
And as always, your pass should be hard, and directed to the ear or "box" of your teammate.