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It's about the players!


Our goal is to give the players great coaching, quality court time, and a high level of competition. We will teach them to be disciplined, compete and train at full effort, be a positive and supportive teammate, be problem solvers, and play with confidence and enthusiasm. We will achieve this by creating a competitive yet positive learning environment. This is only possible with all players, parents, and coaches performing their appropriate roles and working together.


We are committed to the growth and development of each of the girls in the program, not only as volleyball players but also as strong students and good citizens. We want to create a safe and positive place for them to learn about:

  • Being humble in victory and gracious in defeat
  • Dealing with adversity and conflict resolution
  • Leadership
  • Being a positive role model.

But, most importantly, we want all of our players to understand the true meaning of being a teammate.


This is our culture!

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