Texas Bay Area Lacrosse

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What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a fast-paced full-contact sport played on a field similar in size to a football/soccer field. Goals are situated on either end of the field above the end line similar to hockey. There are ten players on the field for each team: 3 attack, 3 midfield, 3 defense, 1 goalie. Smaller field and team sizes are used from fourth grade and down. The objective is to score on the opposing team’s goal. The ball is moved by passing it or carrying it in your stick. The ball cannot make contact with your hand, everything must be done through the lacrosse stick. Defenses attempt to prevent goals by playing physical and in good position. Stick and body checking is allowed in a controlled manner. Offensive and defensive strategy is similar to that of basketball. Check our “Instructional Videos” page for more information on lacrosse skills and links to full lacrosse games!

I play football, can I still play lacrosse?:

We offer fall and spring seasons, though our main season is in the spring, long after the football season ends. Many of our players are multi-sport athletes, something that we encourage! Those who play football should check the fall practice schedule to determine if there is a time conflict, otherwise communicate with your lacrosse coach. We can be flexible. If you have to miss practices we encourage participation in our Saturday practices. Playing wall ball every day is a great way to keep your skills sharp.

Location Eligibility, who can play:

Baylax and TBAL are regional programs that recruit K-12th grade students from as far north as Deer Park and as far south as Galveston! Currently the majority of our players come from the area associated with CCISD schools. If you are unsure whether you are zoned for us, please for more details.

Registration Numbers and Deadlines: 

Registration for our fall season opens immediately following our spring season. Spring registration opens at the start of the fall season. We are a pro-growth program and  do not put a limit on registration numbers and will add teams as necessary to provide an appropriate lacrosse experience.


Players provide their own lacrosse gear (stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, cleats, cup and mouth guard).

Check with your coach for advice on what equipment they recommend.

Field Locations:

The primary fall practice field is Sylvan Rodriguez Park. Fields are added as need dictates for the spring. Clear Lake Park, Sportsplex, and Hometown Heroes are often utilized in addition to Sylvan. Check with your specific program for practice and game details.


Registration is open throughout the fall and early spring

·         Fall:

o    From early October to early December

o    Practices mid-week, practices/scrimmages on Saturdays

·         Spring (our primary season):

o    From mid January to early May

o    Practices 2-3x times/week, games on Saturdays (and an occasional Sunday) High school games may vary.

Playday/Throw around:

We offer free-to-try lacrosse playdays throughout the year  - This is a super-easy and fun way for newcomers to try out the sport without having to worry about cost or equipment (we provide any necessary gear). It is also an opportunity for any existing player to get extra practice and play in organized scrimmages. Experienced coaches always on hand. If you are interested in lacrosse or know anyone who is this it the practice for you! Check the Event Calendar for location and times. Open to all!


Bay Area Youth Lacrosse and Texas Bay Area Lacrosse offer need-based scholarships each season to support K-12 players who otherwise would not have the opportunity to play lacrosse. 


We welcome anyone who is interested in helping support the program. Functions include volunteering at our tournament, board positions, practice coaches, keeping game statistics, team events and end of season parties.

High School Varsity Lacrosse:

High School students across all five CCISD schools (and surrounding areas per zoning) are eligible to play on the Clear Springs Varsity team. the team competes in the Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL).