El Dorado Hills Youth Lacrosse is committed to preserving the "Honor of the Game" for the players, coaches, officials, parents, and all others who enjoy the sport of lacrosse.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

El Dorado Hills Youth Lacrosse League (EDHYLAX)


  1. What is Lacrosse? 

    1. Lacrosse (LAX) is the oldest sport native to North America, dating back centuries with Native Americans playing various forms of the sport. Over the last two decades, lacrosse has been the fastest-growing team sport in the United States. 

    2. Each player has a stick (crosse) with a net on the end that is used for throwing and catching a rubber ball. The object is to advance the ball into your opponent’s end and score a goal.

    3. Lacrosse incorporates the concepts of other familiar sports such as basketball, hockey, and soccer which helps new players adapt and love the game.

      1. For more information on the sport, click here


  1. When does Lacrosse (LAX) season run? 

    1. For U12 and U14 teams, the season begins in January and wraps up in May. 

    2. For U8 and U10 teams, the season begins in February and wraps up in May.


  1. Where are games played?

    1. This depends on your age and team. 

      1. U8 and U10 are part of our City League. Those teams play against other local leagues in our area. 

      2. U12 and U14 teams are part of the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association (NCJLA). Those teams play both Local and other Northern California leagues. 

        1. Our A level teams will require more travel. 


  1. What ages can play in the EDHYLAX league?

    1. Girls and boys from Kindergarten through 8th grade can participate in our regular Spring Season. In Fall, we offer a Competitive Fall Ball team for the Boys in U12, U14 and we add a JV team for 9-11th graders.  


  1. When is registration?

    1. Registration for U12 and U14 is open during the month of October.

    2. Registration for U8 and U10 is open from October through January.  


  1. What are the registration fees? 

    1. Fees are subject to change and are based on age. Please see the registration link on the home page. 

      1. All players will also need a US Lacrosse Membership to register. Join or Renew your membership here


  1. Are there try-outs? Are they mandatory? 

    1. Try-outs apply to U12 and U14 girls and boys.  They are usually held in November. 

      1. Tryouts are typically held over 2 days. Attendance is mandatory for upper division placement. If your son or daughter does not attend, they will be placed on the age appropriate Rookie Team. 


  1. What equipment is required? 

    1. Girl Players on U10-U14 teams, the following gear is required: 

      1. Eye Goggles

      2. Mouthguard

      3. Girls Lacrosse Stick (these are different than the boys)

      4. Cleats

    2. Boy Players on U10-U14 teams, the following gear is required:

      1. Helmet

      2. Mouthguard

      3. Shoulderpads

      4. Elbow Pads

      5. Gloves

      6. Cup

      7. Boys Lacrosse Stick

      8. Cleats

    3. GIRLS AND BOYS on U8, the following gear is required:

      1. Mouthguard

      2. Goggles (girls)

      3. Lacrosse stick (boys or girls as applicable)

      4. Cleats

        1. For information regarding equipment, click here


  1. Do we have a team discount with any local retailers for equipment?

    1. We sure do!

      1. Lacrosse Fanatic has been a great supporter of ours. They offer an annual membership that includes a discount off of purchases made online, in store and on-site at tournaments. Additional benefits are included as well. Sign up here. Use the code TEAMELDORADOHILLS20 if prompted when signing up for a membership. 


  1. Are uniforms included in our league fees? 

    1. For U12-U14 girls and boys, uniforms are purchased separately. Once you register, you will be provided with the necessary information to order the appropriate uniform pieces for your child. 

      1. Uniforms are typically used for two spring seasons. 

    2. The co-ed U8 team as well as the U10 girls and boys team uniforms are provided. 


  1. What is Fall Ball?

    1. Fall Ball is an off season competitive league that plays out of Mather Field. The league is currently for U12, U14 and JV boys teams only. 

      1. Spring uniforms are typically used for U12 and U14. JV will be issued pinnies.


  1. Are there any off season clinics put on by the league?

    1. Yes, there are! 

      1. For all girls ages, EDHYLAX and the Girls ORHS LAX team offers a Summer Clinic. 

      2. For U12 boys, EDHYLAX and the Boys ORHS LAX team offer a Summer Clinic.

      3. Additional FREE Co-ed Clinics such as Learn to LAX for new players, Re-LAX for returning players, and a Coaches Clinic are held typically in Sept/Oct. Details will be posted on the EDHYLAX home page. 


  1. Can I help coach?

    1. Yes you can! We are always looking for Coaches to join our LAX family! Whether your a first time or experienced coach, familiar with Lacrosse or not, we welcome you! 

      1. US Lacrosse also offers a wide variety of tools and trainings for Coaches on their site, here. If you are interested in more information, reach out to our directors for more information: 

        1. Boys Director - Josh Vinciguerra - boysdirector@edhylax.org

        2. Girls Director - Toby Carpenter - girlsdirector@edhylax.org 

      2. Our experienced Coaches offer a FREE Coaches Clinic in Sept/Oct to allow you to get a front seat view of what a typical practice looks like. 


  1. How can I volunteer?

    1. We have lots of opportunities to help! Some big, some small... 

      1. Help at the team level by carpooling, bringing snacks, picking up the game box, sideline manager, time/score keeper, field setup and clean up, etc. 

      2. Help at the League level by volunteering at one of our events. Free Clinics, Tryouts, Picture Day, End of Season Party, etc. 

      3. Help at the Board level, by taking on one of the open Board Positions.

        1. Any questions about the above volunteer opportunities, reach out to our Director of Communications or your Coach! 

          1. Director of Communications - Marilyn Vinciguerra - communications@edhylax.org 


  1. Are volunteer hours mandatory?

    1. Luckily our community has been amazing at helping out. We are lucky to have not made the hours mandatory.  However keep in mind, this is a volunteer run organization. All of the people who make this happen for your children, are here because we want the kids in our community to have access to this amazing sport. Without volunteers like you, we cannot make it all happen! WE APPRECIATE YOU! 


  1.  Are there mandatory league fundraisers, such as candy bar sales? 

    1. No.


Don't see the answer to your question? Reach out to our Communications Director, Marilyn Vinciguerra, and your question will be routed to the appropriate person! communications@edhylax.org