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More than ever before, baseball can play a critical role in enabling our young baseball players to reach their maximum potential, now and in the future. This season, our BGCRE ER Falcons teams will focus on top quality practice and competitive game schedules to help our players to reach the next steps in their baseball careers, whether it be transitioning to the big field, or to High School. Registration is open to all who wish to participate.

Primary goals for the our programs include:

  • Create opportunity for all Easton and Redding players who would like to participate
  • Provide an environment highly conducive to individual and team development
  •  Introduce players to JBHS baseball philosophies and terminologies, and seamlessness of systems (defense/offense, philosophies and terminologies, position experimentation) to provide a “Head Start” to those who eventually wish to play at the High School Level
  • Establish direct line of communication between players and parents to High School coaching staff
  • Instill the importance of teams playing together now, and for future success
  • Playing a Fall schedule that is a competitive while reasonable with travel
  • Flexibility for those playing other Fall sports


Other important items of note:

  • Practice/game schedules will be provided as soon as available.
  • Most or all of practices and home games will take place at the BGCRE or JBHS.



Teams that have an opportunity to play together at young ages can help to set a foundation for new heights of success down the road. Individual development and team development are interlinked. As you consider your options we urge you to strongly consider the BGCRE ER Falcons for your commitment.


Registration is open to all, thanks for your consideration and Go Falcons!!



The ER Falcons Coaches and Staff