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The BGCRE ER Falcons Baseball Committee is a group of volunteers dedicated to providing children in both Easton & Redding with a safe environment and a fun experience that gets them excited about the sport of baseball. The Baseball Committee is structured following the guidelines set forth by Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Baseball. The ER Falcons baseball committee is goverened by the BGCRE Board of Directors.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth Youth Baseball League programs at

ER Falcons Baseball Committee Members

Mike Dobbins - Redding

Chris Rotondo - Redding

John Capetanakis - Easton

Bob Kelly - Easton

Joe Opalinski -Easton



Redding Baseball Committee Members

Chris Rotondo - President

Nick Kady - Vice President

Sal Sorce - Secretary

- Player Agent

Jeff Krietz -Equipment Coordinator

Tom Hansen -  Safety Officer

Brett Russo - Player Development


Easton Baseball Committee Members

President - Rob McDermott
Vice President - Ousama Fayek
Secretary - Kyle Kirik
Treasurer - Dan Flanagan
Safety Officer - Rob Klem
League Compliance Officer - Shawn Reilly