Our Lady of Sorrows Sport Programs

  1. Contact the OLS Athletic Director – the first step is to contact the OLS Athletic Director via email (below).  Athletic Directors' email: Kyle Walsh: kylewalsh40@hotmail.com, Jeff Doyle: jpdoyle71@gmail.com
  2. Speak to Your Coach – If the Athletic Director has not resolved your issue, then contact your coach; Not to criticize or complain, but to clarify concerns and work out a solution (if necessary). This does not mean telling the coach how to coach your child or the team or advise him per playing time. Do NOT approach the coach before, during or after the game and especially in front of your child and other teammates. Make proper arrangements to speak to the coach during the right time and place.  This usually means contact the coach the next day via email and advise him of your concerns or request a conversation.  Please remember that as talented a coaching staff as we have that we have these men and women volunteer upwards of 15 hours a week teaching your child how to play and enjoy basketball.
  3. If your concern is not resolved by the first 2 steps identified above, the OLS Athletic Director will coordinate a meeting with the OLS School Principal and additional appropriate parties as necessary.