Our Lady of Sorrows Sport Programs


Player Responsibilities

Players are expected to attend practices and games on-time and on a regular basis as a way to show their commitment to the team.  It is at the coaches discretion to limit playing time for those players who do not meet their responsibilities.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Set Realistic Goals for Your Child – understand what your child wants from participating in the program, their limitations and their strengths. Make sure they attend all practices and games at the time specified. Be supportive at all times. Work with your child to improve their skills. 
  • Keep Winning in Perspective – basketball is supposed to be a positive and fun experience for your child. Accept your child’s triumphs and disappointments. Remember to keep team first and winning second.
  • Be a Model of Good Sportsmanship – please keep under control at all times during games. Berating referee for their calls during games, yelling at coaches, players and parents in an unsportsmanlike manner will not be tolerated. Referees are permitted to request your removal from the gym if necessary, along with your child/player.  
  • Parent Assistance 
    • providing transportation to/from practices and games on time
    • helping with “Concessions at HOME Games”
    • helping with “Game Admissions Table”
    • supervising the gym, hallways and stage
    • Participate in the four Men’s Club events 
      • Steak Night
      • NCAA raffle
      • Super bowl pool
      • Golf Outing