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Athletic Code of Behavior


The Transfiguration community encourages each student to become a healthy, well-rounded, educated individual.  It recognizes that there are influences and attitudes that hinder such growth and negatively affect the behavior, learning, and total development of the individual.  Participation on an interscholastic team in the Transfiguration CYO Basketball Program is a privilege, not a right.  The goals of the Transfiguration Basketball Program includes the focus on education, sportsmanship, and competitiveness in a wholesome, Christian atmosphere.  The following Code of Athletic Behavior summarizes our expectations for Transfiguration athletes.

1.  Academics

Student athletes are expected to maintain appropriate academic standards and fulfill class attendance requirements.  This applies to both the Transfiguration School students and to the students attending the Parish School of Religion.

Students experiencing academic or class attendance problems will be identified to the Program Coordinators by the School Principal or Parish School of Religion Director when there is a need to suspend the student athlete’s playing privileges until the problem(s) are rectified.

2.   Health

The use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products are a detriment to health and athletic performance.  The use of these substances by any student athlete will not be permitted either in or out of school.

3.   Conduct

Student athletes are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, in accordance with school rules and in a manner that will reflect positively on their teams, their school, their parish, their families, and themselves, and reflect concern for the feelings, rights, and safety of others. 

4.  Consequences of Code Violations

A committee, consisting of the CYO Program Coordinators,  Pastor, Principal or CCD Director, and Head Coach will be convened to review the situation.  The athlete and parents will have the opportunity to explain the circumstances.  The committee will then determine what action Transfiguration will take in response to the situation

5.   Parents’ Responsibility

  • Agree not to host or allow a party in their home for the team members under the auspices of a Transfiguration Team Party.  All such parties should be held at the school or in a public venue.
  • Read and discuss this code with your child, stressing the importance of following such a Code of Behavior
  • Support and enforcement of the Code of Behavior
  • Lead by example in your words and behavior.
  • Report any behavior which violates the Code of Behavior.  Communicate with the Head Coach, Program Coordinators, Principal who will assess the most appropriate method to reinforce the conditions of the Code of Behavior.


Players are expected to attend all games and practices at the specific designated times.  With so many teams, gym time is limited, so players are expected to be punctual.  Parents are responsible for the transportation to and from all games and practices.  If there are scheduling conflicts with a player, he or she is responsible for working it out with the head coach.  It is at the coach’s discretion as to how much playing time each player will receive subject to the rules which are fully described in the PLAYING TIME SECTION.

CYO League games will not be rescheduled due to lack of participation.  All Players are expected to be at all games.  If a team does not have at least 5 players to start the game the team will forfiet.  Rescheduling will only occur based on changes required by the pastor or the CYO league.  

The coach shall have the authority to sit a player or cut that player’s time if in the coach’s discretion that player has missed too many practices or games without a legitimate excuse.  The coach should speak directly to the parents in these instances and seek the guidance of the coordinator. 

No player can play on multiple teams.  A Player can only play for the team in which that have registerred during the registration period and have been approved by the Transfiguraiton coordinator.  Any player that plays for a team for which they are not registerred during the season, during league play, will jeopordize that teams eligibility in the CYO league.  


Head coaches will select a weekly practice time and all players are expected to attend regularly.  Practice times will vary depending on availability, but typically range from 1 to 1 ½ hours per week.  They generally run from late September until season’s end in February.  Coaches have the option to occasionally schedule additional practices where Transfiguration Gym time is available.  These additional practices should be held at times that are convenient for the majority of the players.  All practices must take place in the Transfiguration Gym and practices in other facilities require the permission of the CYO coordinator and the Archdiocese. 



Any team violating these rules may lose their ability to practice and participate in the league.We ask and URGE that parents alert the coordinator(s) if there is only one adult in the gym for a practice as this is a major violation of our program’s rules in accordance with the doctrines established in the Safe Environment Course.


All teams are entered in the Westchester / Putnam CYO Catholic League.  All coaches and teams must adhere to the league rules set forth by that particular league.  The Website for Game and Times is located at

The coaches shall have authority over the apportionment of playing time among their players.   There are a variety of reasons why playing time might be limited at any level, including attendance, academic considerations and disciplinary problems.  Parents who might not want to participate if their child’s playing time might be limited, should discuss this with the head coach as soon as possible.  Although coaches have the ultimate authority in playing time, the Program supports and actively reinforces the general guidelines as follows:


3rd/4th Grade – Instructional.  Coaches should be teaching fundamental skills and try to divide the playing time as evenly as possible among all the players.  Winning games is secondary to teaching at this level.  All players are guaranteed 6 minutes per game.

5th/6th Grade – Semi-Competitive Play.  Coaches introduce plays and more intricate practices.  All eligible players will receive a minimum of 6 minutes playing time per game.  Winning games becomes more important, but player rotation is still a more important criteria. 

7th/8th Grade – Competitive Play.  Coaches expect players to know plays and hone their skills.  Talent becomes a primary criteria for playing time.  There is no minimum playing time at the varsity level (generally 8th grade only), teams are playing to win. 7th grade teams will not necessarily follow a 6 minute minimum playing time commitment.

The Transfiguration CYO Basketball sports program is are an extension of the academic and religious programs of the Transfiguration Parish.  The idea is to teach the game and prepare the players for the games.  As the children get older, they are presented with more and more challenging aspects of the game.  There are many other programs, at other parishes, that are competitive from the first day, and a premium is placed on winning above all else.   The Transfiguration Basketball Program is trying to teach and develop all the children.  The hope is that all the players improve as the years pass.  As the children get older, then the Program’s focus increases more on results.  By the time the children are in the 8th grade, the coach’s attention shifts to preparing the players for high school.  High school athletics, like academics, are highly competitive and it is the Program’s responsibility to provide the children with the base for this environment.


Uniforms will be the responsibility of each player.  We will coordinate the purchase of uniforms each year if new uniforms are required due to size changes. It is the responsibility of each player to maintain and clean their uniform throughout the season.  The coordinator and coaches will coordinate uniform numbers (request for uniform numbers can not be accommodated).


An admission fee will be charged for all home games.  Everyone entering the gym before and during games must pay the admission fee, except for players and coaches of both teams, program administrators, and members of the clergy.  A concession stand will be run at all home games as well, where refreshments can be purchased.


All coaches, players, and spectators are expected to demonstrate proper sportsmanship behavior at all times.  The use of foul or abusive language is not acceptable.  Derogatory or negativity will not be tolerated and may result in elimination from the program.   Please respect all players, coaches, and officials when participating in our program.

Complaints received from other schools, parents, coaches etc. will be forwarded to the Coordinators to determine the validity of the complaint.  The Coordinators will contact those individuals involved and take whatever action is necessary in a timely manner.





If a parent or coach has a problem or complaint about someone else within the program, the first thing you should try and do is address the issue directly.   Please try to calmly discuss the issue, while always remaining respectful of the other party and their opinion.  These discussions should be held in private, away from other adults, and never when the children are present.  If a resolution cannot be reached, then the Coordinator(s) should be contacted as moderators.  The Coordinator(s) will discuss any issues, complaints or problems that arise and will make a decision, and in conjunction with the Pastor and School Principal where necessary.  Please do not contact the Coordinator(s), Pastor, or Principal until you have tried to resolve the issue first.  Remember we are all adults and should act accordingly. 


Written complaints must be signed so that that a proper response can be afforded to the person(s) making the complaint.  Anonymous complaints will not be acknowledged.

Any problems between members of Transfiguration and any other parish/school should be communicated immediately to the Coordinator(s) who will then address the issues and problems with the Administrators of the other program involved.