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This guide is designed to provide some important notes for the web site's administrator. These are a collection of notes gathered based upon past experience and/or needs.

This page is intentionally hidden from public view. DO NOT DELETE!


Historically, LAHA provided an email account to all members who requested one with the lahockey.org domain. This practice was discontinued in the Fall of 2014. Now, a more limited set of addresses/aliases are maintained for the Executive Committee, registrar and Web Administrator at the following site:


The login credentials must be passed-on to a new Web Administrator. Once received, the new Administrator must change the password for his exclusive use.

The email addresses maintained on the server are as follows:


A few selected email aliases are maintained on the server as follows:


Contacts Pages

The Contacts page is accessible via the top menu on the LAHA web site. The "Board Members and Apointees" are updated by assigning individual members to the "Board" team with the appropriate "Position". This is easily accomplished by the Web Administrator within each individual's account.

The "Team Contacts" are automatically populated for each season as the various teams are assigned coach(es), manager(s) and other optional volunteers.

Registration Tools

There is a large amount of flexibility available when configuring the various registration tools. Recreational hockey, Girls hockey and Junior Varsity hockey are typically open until the middle of January of the current season. The varsity program is typically closed for registration by the end of November of the current season.