South County Athletic Association (SCAA) has youth sports programs in the Lorton / Springfield VA area for football, soccer, cheerleading, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, wresting, volleyball, and track.

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Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL)
Scheduling Policy for Games and Days Involving Religious Holidays, Holy Days, Particular Customs and Traditions, That may potentially Affect Participants in FCYFL Activities
FCYFL is proud to serve the youth and adult participants in the Greater Northern Virginia by providing a quality program of sportsmanship, teamwork, skills development, and fun and most importantly a safe environment for all.
FCYFL member clubs provide the league their available space (dates & times) to schedule regular season and playoff games. The league with their available space for games is distributed through the various Parks and Recreation agencies governing the jurisdictions where the clubs are located and area(s) serviced. User space is distributed in conjunction through various matrices and formulas adopted as policy.
The area FCYFL, services is diverse, and is represented by many religions, customs, congestion, and logistical impacts, and some are totally beyond our control. FCYFL game scheduling can not equally recognize, and observe, all the different traditions, logistics and religious customs, by not scheduling games on a particular day, time or at certain locations. We simply can’t be "everything to everyone” trying to honor scheduling requests on a leagues wide club, team and or individual basis. While we would like to try and accommodate everyone’s wishes, we realize the demand for space is greater than facilities available, so we play when and where the parks and recreation agencies tell us too.
The purpose of this bulletin is to advise every family that registers to play football in FCYFL, that playing on these “special days or times” is a very real possibility and to consider what impact, if any, playing would have on your family. Each club is required to inform every registrant of this bulletin so they can make an informed decision as to their participation in youth football. Football is the most rewarding of all the little league sports, but it also requires the most time commitment of all sports regarding practice, game participation and family time.
FCYFL will not change the schedule of games or game times because of these “special” situations, we must schedule games in the space and time provide by the governing agencies. These are personal choices and everyone must make their own decisions as to whether or not to participate. FCYFL is attempting to provide this information as far in advance as possible. Participation or not, effects the players, the coaches and drafting teams in a club. Any questions on this bulletin should be directed to your club.