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Boca Jets Lacrosse was founded in 2004 by veteran lacrosse gurus Don and Brian Clinton. The Clinton’s have spent over 40 years involved in the game of lacrosse as players, coaches, mentors and referees. Their love of the game and the distinct need for youth lacrosse programs in the Boca Raton area led them to form Boca Jets Lacrosse. In the inaugural season over 200 children (grades K-8) signed on to play. Today that number has doubled.


Boca Jets Lacrosse proudly enters its 15th season in 2018 and remains steadfast in its commitment as a 501c3 not for profit organization. The continued goal is to provide the highest quality coaching and instruction to our players. This year's coaching staff boasts former national collegiate lacrosse champions, former MLL (Major League Lacrosse), All-Stars and men and women who have had storied lacrosse careers at both the high school and collegiate levels.  Boca Raton is fast becoming the hotbed of lacrosse activity in South Florida.


Three of the city's four high schools all have varsity and junior varsity programs. In addition both the SFYLL and FYLL (Florida Youth Lacrosse League) are headquartered in Boca Raton. The SYFLL's unwavering dedication to the development and growth of the sport has helped contribute to the tremendous enthusiasm for lacrosse in South Florida.


Boca Jets Lacrosse continues to establish itself as a valuable presence within the community. Each year our roster of enthusiastic players, dedicated coaches and committed parents continues to grow. While the Boca Jets Lacrosse is dedicated to teaching children the fundamentals of lacrosse our mission extends far beyond to teaching players skills and rules of the game. Among our fundamental goals is a commitment to sportsmanship and the true meaning of being a team player. Additionally, through fundraising and community service endeavors players and parents have an opportunity to positively impact the community.



 I understand that the Boca Jets teams are in a recreational league where all players are encouraged to participate. On occasion they may play games against competitive leagues and in those situations there are no minimum playing time rules for the players. During those games, playing time and position is determined by the coaching staff, whose decision is final. If I have a concern about the level of my child’s participation, I will speak directly to his or her coach privately and in a constructive manner.

- I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game and practice.

- My child and I will treat other players, coaches, fans, and officials with respect regardless of race, sex or creed.


- I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of a personal desire to win.

- I will support coaches and officials working with my child in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

- I will demand a sports environment that is free from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and will refrain from their use at all youth sports events.

- I will observe my child’s practices and games from the area league officials designate for spectators.

- My child and I will make sure he/she has all of his/her equipment for practice and games, and know that if he/she does not have all the necessary equipment, he/she will not be able to participate. If my child loses a piece of equipment, I will be responsible to replace that equipment.

- To the best of my ability, I will arrange to have my child at all team practices and games, knowing that attendance may affect game participation. I will make sure my child arrives at practices and games on time, and is taken home immediately after the event concludes.

- I understand that the Boca Jets and the US Lacrosse programs govern with a zero tolerance policy, and if I violate a league or team rule I and/or my child may be suspended, placed on probation or expelled by the Boca Jets. A player expelled from a team may not be eligible to participate the following season