Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and golf as well as youth basketball

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Legends Golf – FAQ

We are very excited to report lots of interest, and the registrations have already started!  Here are answers to the questions we are receiving:

Q) Is this league for mostly men, or are you encouraging women?

A) We are absolutely encouraging women to play!  What a great way to have wives, girlfriends, etc. participate with their partners!  Unlike other sports like basketball or baseball, golf – particularly with our Captain’s Choice (see below) format – Co-ed teams will have a blast!


Q) What if I don’t know any golfers? 

A) We will match you to a partner to make a team of 2.


Q) I see the up-front $79 fee, with greens fees/carts extra.  How does that work?

A) We’ve negotiated reduced greens fees at most of our golf courses.  Some also throw in free carts, and/or a bucket of balls.  We also offer some Weekend tee-times - hard to get in this area!


Q) What is the deal about early tee times.  I work 40 hour weeks!

A) Ok, so you deserve a break one night a week!  Go in early so you can leave early one night!  Tell your boss it will help you rejuvenate and be more productive the rest of the week!  For the Fall Season, we have to deal with the days getting shorter, so we start as late as we can where we can still get 9 holes in!


Q) My schedule is not so flexible that I can play on any night you schedule me.

A) We have set aside Wednesday nights for A Division matches, and Thursday nights for B Division matches (Fall 2017).  This differs from past seasons,and the thought is people are able to block a particular night each week if they know upfront - so here you go - block your night!


Q) What if I am a scratch golfer, and my partner is intermediate or beginner.  What division will I be in?

A) We generally will take the average team strength and put you in the closest division.  The idea is to have fun vs. winning at all costs – a Legends principle!


Q) I like 1 or 2 of your courses.  Can I only play there?

A) Well, you can request courses, and we will do our best, but it is supposed to be a “Sampler”, where you play different courses.  The more courses you tell us you like, the more chance we can accommodate!


Q) What if we get rained out – are we out of luck for that week?

A) No!  In the event of rain, coordinate with your opponents to play a match at Top Golf in Alexandria that same night!


Q) Is there an option for youth?

A) Yes, play as a parent/child team!  A great way to teack your child golfing on a course with the Scramble format! 


Q) Should I try it?