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11-12-15 DLL Board Meeting

Members Present:

Jerry Hill                        Howard Wortman

Amber Hill                      Jason Wilbur

Leslie Davis                    Jeff Hinkle

Rebecca Reed                  Beth Cann


Call to Order:  5:4pm  by Amber




  1. Keys -only board members need keys for pressbox, none for coaches.  A board member should be present for every game.


  2. Financial Update-checks from sponsors are going to be coming in. The charter will be renewed also for $1500.  The new ice machine was $500. Broken window upstairs-unanimous decision to authorize Howard to fix it.

  3. Park Update-Jerry did some maintenance on tractor. New locks for all the gates-numbers on locks.  If not returned, key cost is $25.00.  Travel ball will be starting soon. Travel ball has to have us added as insurance. Policy will be in place for travel ball. Amber motioned for Jason to use facilities. Unanimous decision to let Jason use facilities through December.

  4. Bylaws - read through, make notes, will submit in January.

  5. Registration Fees-$75.00. same as last year. Motion by Beth and a second by Leslie.

    Beth motioned to late registration being $90.00 and second by Jerry.

  6. Sponsor Packets-we need 29 team sponsors.  Date will be changed to 2016. Phone numbers and emails need to be updated.  An email will go out to last year’s sponsors.

  7. Other Business-Accounting box was given to treasure. In the next few years majors will be phasing out to 50/70. All leagues having a hard time getting umpires. Add kid pitch softball, 7-9 tournaments.  District Round Robin tournament one weekend.


Adjourn: 6:49pm by Amber


Next Meeting: 1st week of December