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Teams can set up tents on anything that is natural grass and the walkway that goes around complex.

We will have volunteers helping with foot traffic, please follow the rule of parents are on opposite sideline of players. This will give each team a chance to get organized on that sideline and be ready for play. There is only 5 minutes between games. 

2 scoreboard clocks viewable from fields will be operational to reduce need to ask how much time is left in game.

Concession is set up on viewing deck at rear of clubhouse

Restrooms are located at rear of Clubhouse and near main entrance of Clubhouse plus portable will be located by fields 5 and 6.

Parking will be assisted with our volunteers PLEASE follow the attendants helping. If our lot fills up we will direct to the GAA parking lot (around corner) and driver will be shuttled back or can walk back. THERE IS NO PARKING ON THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!! CARS will be ticketed