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Seasons and Levels of Play

The Spring program runs from March through June, with all-star tournament play for higher levels extending into July. The program strives for competitive equity among teams at the AAA through 50/70 levels to ensure a more balanced experience for young players. The Fall season is an instructional program from September through early November.

Jr. Tee Ball
Played on a smaller diamond and with an abbreviated game time, Arlington’s youngest baseball players learn the concepts and the love of the gae in a structured but festive environment.
Grade: Pre-K


Tee Ball

Players use a batting tee to put the ball in play and learn the basic principles of hitting, running, and fielding.
Grade: K


A natural extension of the Tee Ball program with the tee removed and coaches pitching to batters.
Grade 1


A more competitive division of coach pitch for experienced Rookies players.  The games will include outs, strike outs, and scoring.
Grade: 2


The season begins with coaches pitching, but graduates after a few weeks to players throwing to each other.
Grade: 3


Players control all aspects of the game. This is a competitive and developmental program, which helps players establish and enhance skills. 

Grades: 4


The Majors division is the next step towards real baseball. The rules get more complex with dropped 3rd strikes and the infield fly rule. Teams are formed by a draft.
Grades: 5 to 7

The 50/70 division is basically real baseball (the smaller field size being the major distinction). The division will feature most of the rules that you see in Major League Baseball (leads, free stealing, balks, pick offs, etc). The pitching rubber is a bit farther from the plate (50’), and the bases are a bit further apart (70’). This challenging and exciting division will have a limited number of teams, and a competitive selection process, via a draft.
Grades: 5 to 7


Children with mental and physical challenges enjoy playing weekly games in a unique program, side-by-side with “buddies” from the 50/70 division.

Ages: 5 to 22