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2021 Burr Ridge Braves

Team Rules and Code Of Conduct




-  I will RESPECT my coaches, teammates, umpires, opponents, team parents, and the game at all times.

-  I will DISPLAY good sportsmanship at ALL times.

-  I will NOT speak to an umpire unless addressed directly by them, and I will NEVER display disapproval over a call.

-  I will NEVER blame my teammates for anything which may arise - Errors are part of the game.

-  I will ACCEPT the role my coaches give to me, and promise to give my best.  ALL POSITIONS ARE IMPORTANT!

-  I will NEVER ask to play a certain position during a game.

-  I will HUSTLE on and off the field at all times.

-  I will NEVER ask when I am going into a game while I am on the bench.

-  I will NEVER throw my glove, helmet, or other equipment on the ground or in the dugout.

-  I will NOT Pout or cry if I fail to play my desired position or if I make an error.

-  I will ATTEND all games and practices whenever possible, and I will give my coaches ample notice if I cannot attend.

-  I will BE on time to all events.

-  I will BE positive and cheer for my team while in the dugout.

-  I will properly maintain and care for my uniforms and equipment provided to me.

-  I will wear the COMPLETE uniform as prescribed by my coach for each particular event.

-  I will OBEY the instruction given to me by my coaches.

-  I UNDERSTAND that anything detrimental to the team will lead to disciplinary action or possible removal from team in which all monies paid will be forfeited.

-  I will REMEMBER we are a team, and refrain from back biting, unjust or detrimental comments.



-  I will be positive and respectful of all players, coaches, and umpires.

-  I will discuss any concerns that may arise by scheduling a time away from the field to meet with the coach or coaches.

-  I will refrain from coaching my son during a game.

-  I will be aware of the expectations given the players, and encourage the to abide by and adhere to the guidelines.

-  I will not enter the dugout or field area while a game is going on for any reason, I will also keep other family members out of these areas.

-  I will support the team and display good sportsmanship as I represent our entire Braves Organization.

-  I understand the coaches are trying to put my son in positions that fit his physical abilities and best help our team.

-  I will ensure my son comes to all practices and games ready to play.

-  I will make sure my son is on time to all events.

-  I will make sure my son has proper uniform and that he has all equipment necessary to play ball.

-  I will make sure my son is hydrated and fed, and that he has access to hydration during all practices and games, and he remains nourished during day long tournaments.

- I will make sure my son is healthy and able to play the game of baseball.  I will make coaches aware of any ailments that my son may have that might endanger my son's ability to react to a baseball.  Furthermore I agree that my son has been cleared by a doctor to play athletic sports and will hold the Braves Organization and its coaches harmless for known or unknown health issues that may arise while playing and practicing this game.

- I understand that baseball can be dangerous, and except any and all responsibility for injuries and otherwise that may occur.

-  I will make sure my son has proper rest before each game.

-  I will not complain, heckle, or show disapproval to an umpire, coaches, or opponents in a game.

-  I will do my best to be active in all team fundraising activities and ensure I pay my team dues in a timely manner.

-  I understand that any behavior detrimental to the team, another player, a coach, or someone in the Braves Organization will lead to disciplinary action and possible removal from the field, practice facility, or team.

-  I understand if my or if my son's behavior leads to being dismissed from the team, I will forfeit any all monies paid to the Braves Organization.


-  We will encourage a "team first" attitude with goals of Fundamentals, REPS, and TEAMWORK.

-  We will remind the importance of teamwork remembering that baseball is a team game and we win and lose together as a team.

-  We will employ techniques to help our players focus!  We will teach each player to anticipate the ball and know where it needs to go if it comes to them.

-  We will actively work to build the character of each player, and teach players how to face adversity - how to deal with errors, losses, etc.

-  We will teach each player the importance of self discipline and we will expect each player to give their very best and to work at home on fundamentals.

-  We will ONLY discuss issues or concerns which pertain to your player.  We will not discuss other players in Coaches/Parents meetings.

-  A Braves coach will be expected to handle disputes that may arise with umpires.  We promise to act in good sportsmanship, but also in a manner that protects the integrity of the game.  Remember it is their job to handle this, please let them do this and maintain good sportsmanship as a spectator.

-  No player will be given preferential treatment in regards to playing time or positions - regardless if coach has a son playing on the team.

-  All players will be treated equally regardless of talent - our goal is to develop each player to his maximum potential.

-  Each player will try and play a primary and secondary position on their team, everyone will play outfield.

-  All players will spend time on the bench, we will encourage each player to be positive and supportive as we cheer on our teammates.

-  Pitchers will be kept on pitch counts and inning limits that follow league and national standards.  We will NOT teach curve balls or sliders until they have reached proper age.  We will encourage each pitcher to properly stretch and exercise to develop proper strength for pitching.  Please follow our lead on pitching restrictions as our goal is to prevent injury and proper development of each pitcher.