QLC MEETING MINUTES 05/2016

Meeting called to order by Amy, 7:45.
1. Amy. Email with slogan to be sent out to everyone with explanation.
2. Frank. Tavern fundraiser-
          a. June 18th 3-8 p.m., dinner, etc.
          b. Club to receive 25%
          c. Email sent out to everyone, posting to website
3. Discussion on End of Year Party
          a. June 23rd at Gurney Lane, 5-8 p.m.
          b. Ask for volunteers
          c. Give away T-Shirts on the 18th
               i. Have a spreadsheet with sizes
               ii. Ask everyone to wear to party
4. Concession Stand – Tally $400 plus additional to deposit
5. Uniforms cost - $4,500
6. Motion to set up Fall Expansion Program Amy, Jason 2nd, all in favor.
          a. Discussion to be held at a later meeting to go over details – including Preseason skills clinic, possible intramurals, etc.
7. Reiteration/discussion that this is a rec league. If at some point the membership wants to entertain a travel team, there will be tryouts, etc.
8. Shed? Discussion tabled.


Meeting adjourned at 8:34
John, Josh, Chris, Lenny, Melony, Amy, Scott, Cory, Frank, Jason