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Riot Lacrosse was Founded in 2012 by some forward thinking Parents who wanted more for their Sons Club Lacrosse experience.
Since then (starting with the 2016 Graduating Class),  they have helped procure College commitments to over 100 Student Athletes.  At current, Riot fields Teams from Grade 4 (2027) through Grade 11 (2020) in NJ total of 13.
This past December, Riot Merged with Matrix (based in Nyack) to form Riot Rockland.  This Summer, they will be fielding Teams from 2023-2020 to practice at our Orangetown Facilities.   In July, Riot Rockland will hold tryouts for the following year to field teams in grades 4-11.
Riot Rockland has committed resources to help continue to build the Lacrosse tradition here in Rockland County.  Riot’s Founder & CEO Lee Southren has strong roots here, as he grew up in Monsey and is an alumni of Ramapo HS 85’.
Together, we have already started planning toward our future with Clinics, future Tournament and a variety of community lacrosse based events to come over the next 12 months and beyond.
Please check them out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as their website 
If anyone has any questions, please email