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Stick Rules for Each Grade

1/2 Grade no long poles
3/4 Grade Max 3 Long Poles on the field (47” - 54”)
5/6 Grade Max 4 Long Poles on the field (52” - 72”)
7/8 Grade Max 4 Long Poles on the field (52” - 72”)

Game Play (Normal Youth Lacrosse Rules)

No Counts for grades 1st thru 6th 
Counts and over and back for 7th and 8th grade
No One Handed checks at any grade
No Take Out Checks
Penalty time kept on field by Officials
There are no time outs.
Game times are kept at tournament HQ using an airhorn system.
One long airhorn blasts is used to start and stop each game
Two short airhorn blasts signals 2-minutes remaining
Tie games will be settled with a “braveheart” competition, unless it is a playoff game.
Braveheart:  Each team fields 2 players and 1 goalie, starting with a faceoff.  Only 2 players per team are allowed on the offensive side of the midfield line.  Goalies can cross if a middie stays back. NO substitutions.