To provide an enjoyable lacrosse experience to all youth players, parents, and coaches in our community, focusing on skill development, competition, and most importantly - FUN!

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Welcome to Kindergarten Girls Lacrosse!

What to Expect:

Girls in Kindergarten will be introduced to the core fundamentals of girls lacrosse in a FUN and interactive environment.  They will develop agility, balance and coordination for success in learning fundamental technical lacrosse skills, such as cradeling, throwing, catching, scooping (ground balls) and an introduction to 3v3 small field games. Fun, constant, active engagement (kid+ball=fun) is the key to success at this level, along with being relaxed and inclusive, with an emphasis on learning new skills.  Lots of enjoyable games will reinforce skill learning and getting as many touches with the ball will keep the girls engaged and ready to move to the next developmental level.


USLacrosse Athlete Develoment Model:

WYB Girls Lacrosse follows the guidelines set forth under the USLacrosse Athete Development Model.  This is a researched based framework to help coaches and parents provide what kids need developmetaly in order to grow as both athletes and people through their lacrosse experience and ideally participate in the sport for life.  It is about focusing on the athlete first and providing the right lacrosse at the right time.


WYB Girls Lacrosse Goals:

1. All players have a positive experience playing lacrosse and will want to continue to play lacrosse at the next level
2. All players improve their lacrosse skills and become well-rounded lacrosse players
3. All players improve their "Lacrosse IQ" and develop a better overall understanding of the game
4. All coaches and assistants have a rewarding experience and will want to continue to volunteer in future seasons


WYB Lacrosse League Emphasis:

1. FUN

2. Skill Development

3. Sportsmanship

Registration Fee: $45.00 

Equipment: Players may use their own girls' lacrosse stick or borrow a WYB loaner stick each week.  They will also need approved goggles (can be found at Play-It-Again sports) and athletic shoes.

Uniforms:  Players will be provided a t-shirt to wear for all practice/game days. 

Team Rosters: Every attempt will be made to keep players from the same elementary school on the same team, but we will also make every attempt to make the teams as equal as possible in terms of number of players. The number of teams will depend on enrollment.

Practices/Games: Practices and small-sided 'games' begin in mid-March and the season runs through the end of May. Practices will be for 1 hour on Sunday afternoons at WKHS turf field.  A schedule will be distributed at the beginning of the season.

If you have questions, please email Allyson McCarthy-Minister (Director) at WYBGirlsLax .