Valley Youth Hockey is a Tier II association based at Onondaga Nation Arena and Meachem Rink in Syracuse, NY.

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Donation Message Name
25 Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers Melissa Clarke
50 I hope that you can rebuild your lives quickly. Dave McPeak
30   The Clark Family 
75 Thinking of you all The O'Malley Family
100 A small token to help replace "things" - sorry for your loss.  TJ Pelsue
50 You are in our prayers. The Dwyer family
50 So so sorry about your cats and your home. Thinking of you. The Wheeler-Jeng Family
25   Anonymous
50 Sorry to hear about the fire!  Hope you're able to bounce back quickly! Rioux Family
100 We are so sorry for your loss, if there is anything we can do please let us know!!   Jeff Shirtz and family
100   The Williamsons
50   Anonymous
50   McBride Family
50 Devastating Loss! Glad your safe, Hang tough! Prayers for you and the family! Randy, Pam, Jackson & Allie Denton
50 So very sorry for this. We are glad that you are all ok.  Tyler Shirtz
75   Pete Thomson
25 Good luck Connor... Our prayers are with you and your family. Steve Smorol
50   Emmett and family
100 Sorry to hear of your devastating loss. Glad to see everyone is safe.  The Richards Family: Gregg, Pam, Nate & Nick 
25   Anonymous
50 So sorry to hear about your loss. Prayers from the Carter Grosso family.  Carter Grosso family
50 Very sorry for your loss.  Sam & Mandy Vassallo 
50 Stay strong Bo !!! El Chapo  Patriarco Family
100 So sorry for what you are going thru, it must be very difficult and we have been thinking about you all constantly. So glad you are all ok, and have so many great friends to help you get through this.  The Centore's
50 So sorry to hear that your home was lost to a fire. How blessed you all are to be safe.  Garrett and Joe Morgan and Mary Pat Walsh
25   The Lorraine Family 
50 Thinking of you guys! The Johnsons
25   Holcomb Family