South County Athletic Association (SCAA) has youth sports programs in the Lorton / Springfield VA area for football, soccer, cheerleading, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, wresting, volleyball, and track.


Practice and Competition Information and Scheduling

Practice will be held at South County High School in the wrestling room located at building entrance #11.  You are advised to park in the main parking lot and walk across to the entrances at the kiss and ride as the parking lot of the kiss and ride is usually full most times during the day and evening.  There are approximately 29 practices total.

SCAA Colt's Wrestling will begin its fifth season this winter with practices beginning the second week of November and lasting through the end of February.  We will begin Tuesday November 16 with practices.  Practices will be held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-8 at South County High School's wrestling room.  There is a Wednesday practice for athletes in Grades 4-8 6:30-7:30. If registration is larger than 36 athletes the athletes will be assigned a group to practice on opposite days.  Athletes will be assigned an official group once registration is complete and they will then practice Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  There are 29 practices total.

SCAA Colts Wrestling Practices:

Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:30-8:00 PM (IF registration numbers are under 36)

*****If registration numbers are over 36, around 40 participants, we will have alternating practice nights

Mondays/Wednesdays K-4th Grade 6:30-7:30

Tuesdays/Thursdays 5th-8th Grade 6:30-7:45**********

These dates below are from a previous year.  New dates will be added once our tournament schedle is finalized.  They are for reference only.

Meets will be on Sundays beginning December 9.  There will be 8 tournaments they can participate in and then a finals tournament at the end of February.


There will be some breaks from tournaments such as Sunday, December 23 and Sunday, December 30.  There will be breaks from practices such as during the week of November 22 and optional practices over FCPS winter holidays.  We will follow the FCPS schedule most weeks.

2-4 Coaches at each practice

2-4 South County High School Wrestlers to assist at each practice

Practice Format:

  1. Warm up/Team activity with calisthenics and team core value
  2. Dynamic stretching/static stretching
  3. Team instruction
  4. Team drilling
  5. Individual or separate group instruction
  6. Team games/relays/live wrestling
  7. Team review of core value

Parents are welcome in the room but a classroom will be provided for a quiet area.

Please wear team issued practice shirt at all practices to promote team comradery and unity.  You may purchase additional shirts from the spirit wear link.

Only wrestling shoes or stocking feet are allowed in the wrestling room for sanitation and protection of athletes and the mats.  EVERYONE must remove shoes before entering the room, and athletes should put on wrestling shoes once you have entered.

The season will last from November through February.  Practices are two nights a week with meets on Sundays.  Meet locations will vary all over Northern Virginia and the schedule will be posted and communication once it is approved and finalized by the league.  Meets have ranged from Loudon County, primarily across Fairfax County, and as far south as Northern Stafford County. 

There are 8 weeks of meets starting in mid-December with bye weeks during the holidays coinciding with FCPS holidays, and concluding with a Regional meet at the end of February.  Normal meets are designed to match up athletes based on age, weight, and experience to allow them to compete in at least three individual matches and hone their skills.  The Regional is designed as a competitive full scale tournament in which athletes will compete to earn a medal and placement against other competitors.

Meet weight/age divisions are as follows:

Senior            (2003-2004)
Intermediate  (2005-2006)
Junior             (2007-2008)
Midget            (2009-2010)
Bantam          (2011-2012)
Birth Year             Division

2017-2018 Season
Age Groups

Projected (will be finalized at the end of September)


Projected Weigh In TIMES

Bantam & Midgets 8:00-8:30 am  

Juniors-10:30-11:00 am

Intermediates-12:30-1:00 pm

Seniors- 2:15-2:45 pm


They will weigh in and then warm up.  After that, they will get 2-3 matches depending on the number of athletes that weigh in.  This usually lasts about one and a half to two hours.

Meets will run with 2-3 matches per athlete, with a few minutes down time between matches.  There are referees for each individual match of athlete on athlete, a coach for each athlete matside, a referee to officate the match, and a certified athletic trainer at every meet to assess injuries and provide medical treatment and advice.

Season-end Finale Tournament Requirements:

Wrestlers are generally required to participate in a minimum number of tournaments 5 tournaments throughout the season to qualify for the final tournament based on NVWF Bylaws and club votes at seasonal board meetings. In season 2017-18 the requirements was one half the total number plus one. 

The season end finale is the last Saturday of February.

Bantams and Midget groups are morning.

Senior group is afternoon.

The season end finale is also the last Sunday of February.

Juniosr group is morning.

Intermediate group is afternoon. 

Please see for more information from our league the Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation.


South County Colts Wrestling is looking for a few parents with wrestling and/or coaching backgrounds to join the coaching staff with Coaches Jeff Payne and Sean Anderson.  If you have background in wrestling and/or coaching, please email a resume with coaching and/or wrestling background included to Jeff Payne at and also include days of week and time of day that you are available for a brief in person interview.