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Winners will be posted weekly!


Date Ticket Number
Oct 1, 2019 2291
Oct 2, 2019 1831
Oct 3, 2019 591
Oct 4, 2019 721
Oct 5, 2019 1911
Oct 6, 2019 601
Oct 7, 2019 1891
Oct 8, 2019 1911
Oct 9, 2019 2412

All questions contact Vice-President 

Tickets will be updated weekly NOT daily. 








Mandatory Raffle Fundraiser Policy
The Dukes are a non-profit organization and are dependent upon our fundraising activities. We will have one mandatory fundraising activity for the season. Our annual calendar raffle requires our families to sell a minimum of 20 raffle tickets at a total value of $200. 

All familes to include all members of any coaching staff and board members are also required to sell the minimum of 20 raffle tickets.

You have the option of paying for your raffle tickets in advance during the registration process, when you receive them during the early part of our season, or after selling your tickets. All raffle ticket money is due by AUGUST 23, 2019

Your child will not receive their game day uniform until all raffle ticket money is turned in.