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3x3 Youth Ice Hockey Rules - Dedham

 Boch Ice Center – Dedham, MA


League Info

  • This league is run by MA Hockey League.
  • All players must sign a waiver before playing in each season or tournament.
  • Players must wear at the very least a helmet, gloves & shin guards. All players MUST be registered with MA Hockey League in the correct 3-on-3 league in order to participate. If a sub is filling in they must sign a waiver and the team captain must make the league directors aware that a sub will be filling in.
  • Other than the rules stated below USA Hockey Rules will be enforced.

Rule 1: Conduct

  • A: A minor penalty will result in a penalty shot for the opposing team.
  • B: Penalty shots will require all other skaters to be along the boards. The puck will be played from the center dot. The goalie must remain within the goal crease until the puck is touched. Goaltenders may not attempt penalty shots. The clock will not stop.
  • C: A penalty shot must be taken by the player fouled unless the player is injured or otherwise unavailable.
  • D: A bench minor penalty will result in a penalty shot to be taken by any skater on the ice during the foul. Please note, this does NOT include players making a line change during a delayed penalty call. 
  • E: A goal resulting from a delayed penalty will negate a penalty shot attempt.
  • F: Any instance where a player receives three (3) penalties of any type in a single game will result in a game misconduct.
  • G: A game misconduct requires the player to exit the game permanently and carries a mandatory one (1) game suspension.
  • H: A game ejection may be assessed by ANY league staff in an effort to prevent escalation. This penalty also requires the player to exit the game permanently, but carries no suspension.
  • I: A major penalty will count for two (2) minor penalties for the purpose of RULE 1F.
  • J: In the event of coincidental penalties, the penalized players will be required to sit on the on-ice bench until the first stoppage after two (2) minutes from the time play resumes.
  • K: If any correspondence with league staff is required due to a rules violation, the RULE and SUBSECTION in question will be included.
  • L: A team may be assessed a bench minor penalty for utilizing pucks prior to the rink manager closing the zamboni doors.
  • M: A player must be present for at least one-third (1/3) of a team's regular season games (rounded up) to be eligible to play in that team's playoffs.


Rule 2: Contact

  • A: There is no body contact allowed! A minor penalty may be assessed if there is excessive contact during play. A major penalty may be assessed for a purposeful play for contact to the body. This included Bantam and High School Divisions!!

Rule 3: Shooting

  • A: When shooting, a player may backswing only until their stick/gloves becomes parallel with the ice surface. A minor penalty may be assessed for any shot where the blade angle is judged to be above the shaft. NO FULL SLAPSHOTS ALLOWED!!
  • B: Shots must be kept in control at all times. A warning or minor penalty may be given for shots judged to be dangerous. This includes reckless shots directly into a blocking opponent.
  • C: Shots may not be taken from behind the goal-line.
  • D: A highsticking penalty will be suspended from a player shooting the puck.


Rule 4: Games

  • A: Games will have three (3), fifteen (15)-minute, running-time periods.
  • B: There will be two (2) minutes for warm-ups.
  • C: Games require each team to have three (3) skaters minimum to begin. 
  • D: A minor penalty may be assessed to a team who cannot comply with RULE 4C by the end of the warm-up period. A forfeit may be assessed if a team cannot comply with RULE 4C at all.
  • E: Intermissions will be thirty (30) seconds long at which time, teams will switch sides of the ice.
  • F: Faceoffs will occur at the beginning of each period or at the referee’s discretion.
  • G: The HOME team bench will be on the side closest to the large ice surface. The AWAY team bench will be on the side farthest from the large ice surface. Each team will use the gate closest to their bench.
  • H: The HOME team will skate on the near-side half in the first and third periods. The AWAY team will skate on the near-side half in the second period.
  • I: Line changes may be made when the buzzer sounds to switch players.
  • J: A bench minor penalty may be assessed if the gate is left open for an excessive amount of time.
  • K: A bench minor penalty may be assessed for having more than three (3) players involved in the run of play at once.
  • L: Restart penalties for offside and icing have been suspended due to the unique ice surface.
  • M: After a whistle the team with the puck in their end will take the puck out on the refs signal and the defending team will then be able to attack the puck.
  • N: A stoppage will be signaled if the puck travels outside the play area, touches the protective netting, or becomes otherwise unplayable.
  • O: If the puck travels out of play behind a goal-line, play will be resumed from the zone where the puck was deemed unplayable.
  • P: If the puck travels out of play in between the goal-lines, the team who caused the puck to become unplayable will forfeit possession.
  • Q: Only the referee can resume play.
  • R: A period may not end in a stoppage. The clock will stop or be reset with ten (10) seconds remaining.
  • S: The time will become stopped-time only if there are two (2) minutes or fewer left in the game and the score has a deficit of maximum two (2) goals.


Rule 5: In the Event of a Tie

  • A: Regular season games may end in a draw.
  • B: Playoff games that result in a tie will enter a 3 minute sudden death overtime period, followed by a 3 round shootout if the game is still undecided. If a winner can not be found in three rounds, The shootout will continue one round at a time until a winner is found.


Rule 6: Goaltenders

  • A: Goaltenders may not be exchanged for skaters.
  • B: Goaltenders may not carry the puck over the center red line.
  • C: A stoppage may be signaled if the goaltender closes his catching mitt on or covers the puck.
  • D: A minor penalty may be given if a goaltender is judged to be overtly knocking the goal off its moorings.
  • E: Goaltenders are exempt from RULE 7.
  • F: Any successful attempt to cover or catch the puck will be deemed purposeful and will result in a stoppage. Any further play causing the puck to enter the net will be nullified.


Rule 7: Uniforms

  • A: Teams are required to have hockey sweaters with a single (1), matching colour.
  • B: Each player on a team is required to have a unique number.
  • C: Substitute players are NOT exempt from RULE 7 in any way.
  • D: Players not conforming to RULE 7 may be given a game ejection penalty.
  • E: RULE 7D may be immediately disregarded if a suitable uniform is obtained.
  • F: In the event of two teams having similar uniform colours, the AWAY team will be required to change. RULE 7 still apples in this instance, however; player numbers may differ from the player’s registered information. Please check-in with the scorekeeper in this instance.
  • G: Teams may use scrimmage vests to differentiate uniform colour. It is the team captain’s responsibility to check with the rink/league staff to determine if vests are available and to organize a secondary uniform colour.


For the purpose of ejections and suspensions, there are no refunds written, implied, or expressed!

Rule 8: Playoffs
Seeding for playoffs and tournaments will be based on the following unless otherwise noted:

1. Points (wins). If teams don't have equal amount of games then win %

2. Head-to-Head

3. Goal Differential

4. Goals Against

5. Goals For
6. Least amount of team penalties

7. Coin Toss

Over Time: All Playoff games that are tied at the end of regulation will then go to a 3 minute sudden death OT. If still tied after 3 minutes there will be a shootout. Please see Rule 5 for Penalty Shootout Info.

*Referee has final say in all aspects of the game being played*
**League Director has final say in all aspects of the league** /