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Hartwell Player Volunteer Program

Summer 2022


We are excited to announce a new initiative for Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club.  We are a community based organization that believes in developing the individual on and off the field.  With this new program, we are looking to get current Hartwell players volunteering on the coaching front!


What does this mean?  Hartwell players who are looking to get involved in coaching and earn some volunteer hours will be able to join in with our professional staff for certain training sessions and clinics.


What does it look like?  The players would be shadowing and helping out the professional coaches for younger sessions and clinics. The professional staff would run the sessions and the volunteers would join in to help keep everything organized and learn a few things from the staff!


Who is eligible?  Boys and Girls.  As of right now, you must be going into 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. This will be a first come first serve initiative.


Why get involved?  The volunteers are eligible to use this as volunteer hours for any school or community assignment - our Program Director will sign off on anything if needed.  Additionally, the players get to see the game from a different perspective by learning through the eyes of the coaches.  And of course, the volunteers get invaluable coaching experience at a young age.


When will this launch?  The program is already underway and you can get involved today!


Important Notes:  If you already signed up for this program over the winter, you do not need to fill out the registration form again.  I will send an email with the google doc link where you can update your availability.  Additionally, the camps all run Monday-Thursday from 9-12 in the morning.  If you fill in your availability on the sheet as a YES, I will assume you are free to help out majority of the days that week.  We understand that it may be tough for you to make all 4 days, but do your best.


Where to sign up?  If you wish to sign up, please use the link below:



Questions?  Please email our Program Director with any questions: