Berlin CT Little League

Sponsored By:   Swanson's Baseball
Berlin, CT
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Thank you for choosing Berlin Little League!

Registration support FAQ:


Which league should my player play in?

Little League groups players into peer age groups. The group can be determined by following this table.


What if I have a specific question about the league I am signing up for?

For specific league questions contact the following league representitives:

Contact info page

Softball - Billy Petit

Tee Ball (4-6) - Kara Satalino

Farm League (7-8) - Rob Levesque

Minors (8-9) - Mario Maselli

Majors (10-12) - George Satalino


How can I volunteer?

Please fill out the Coach/Volunteer form, and then contact the league representitive.


What if I have problem registering? How can I get support?

Please contact the corosponding person for your issue.

Payment issues:  Joe Brown

Account login issues: George Satalino

All other issues: George Satalino